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    Spy Shots: 2015 Acura NSX burns to the ground at the 'Ring [w/video]

    Assuming all goes to plan, automakers test their vehicles to the breaking point in the months and years leading up to that vehicle's actual release into the public. Which is good, because it's much better for a car to break in glorious fashion in the hands of the company that produces it than in ...

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    Ukranian class warfare apparently leads to toasted Chevrolet Corvette

    Torched Corvette in the Ukraine - Click above for a gallery of images
    Judging by these photographs, someone in the Ukraine didn't like this Extra-Crispy Chevrolet Corvette. And although the melted plastic lump is being been blamed on "class warfare," it could have been an insurance scam, a tryst ...

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    Moscow under seige of auto arsonist

    click above for gallery of hot, hot heatSince last Thursday, more than 20 cars and trucks in the Russian capital of Moscow have been torched by an elusive car arsonist. Each of the fires is started the same way: flammable materials are pulled from a dumpster, stacked under the vehicle's wheel, ...


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