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    Video: English Bulldog is the friendliest motorcycle passenger ever

    Dogs are man's best friend, and motorcycles are a ton of fun to ride. Combine the two of them, and the result might be even better than either one alone. Just look at this happy pup. This might not be the safest thing we've ever seen, but it is adorable, especially since the owner was kind ...

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    Video: 2014 Mini Cooper goes to the dogs

    We wouldn't buy a car to make a dog happy, but Mini's latest commercial, Bullheaded, would have you believe that dogs like the new 2014 Cooper as much as humans. Regardless of the commercial's target audience (Spike The Bulldog, or his owner?), it does show a couple new tidbits about the car, ...

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    Video: VW Jetta ad suggests keyless entry is not always convenient

    "My dog ate my homework." That excuse might not have worked in grade school, and as Volkswagen proves in its latest ad for the Jetta sedan, telling your boss "my dog ate my keys" is no excuse for being late to work, either. In this clever new 30-second commercial, a frantic Jetta owner struggles ...

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    LA 2009: Mini owns its inner Bulldog

    Leashed Mini Cooper S Clubman - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mini may be many things, but stuffy they're not. When your business consists of selling tiny hatchbacks with sports car handling at a near luxury price, you really can't take yourself too seriously all the time. Mini ad ...

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    VIDEO: 3Z Scale Bulldog R/C Rider world's first rideable R/C car

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    We're big fans of R/C cars here at Autoblog, but we obviously love actually driving vehicles, as well. 3Z Scale has what might be the marriage of our two passions with its Bulldog R/C Rider. The Bulldog is a 1/3 scale remote control vehicle that sports a ...


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