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Bulgarian tuner Prospeed has built a replica of Audi's fabled S1 World Rally Championship mauler out of a garden-variety Audi Coupe, and it's a convincing-looking beast. Helping in its bid for authenticity is genuine Group B horsepower: 800 ponies, to be exact. It won the Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship last year, and it recently ran up an incline at the Kyustendil Hillclimb, part of this year's championship series.

You can admit it: None of you thought "the perfect Camaro" would come from Bulgarian tuner Nasko Vilner. Neither did we. Vilnus owns a company that designs vehicle interiors, and as the first Bulgarian with a 2010 Chevy Camaro – a V6 manual – he decided he needed to do something special with it.

While Brilliance takes its leave of the European market for product unbecoming, another Chinese manufacturer, Great Wall, is planning to penetrate further into Europe. The company has been in global markets for about ten years and expects to ship 60,000 vehicles internationally this year, a return to its 2008 number. Some of those will include the Wingle pickup (pictured) that currently goes to Italy and Bulgaria.

One of Russia's most popular exports has been its version of roulette – you know, the kind where the player usually closes his eyes during the game and someone has a good chance of ending up dead. In this case it's being played in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the jouers are drivers and motorcyclists running red lights.

Residents of several European countries may have their mail delivered by workers in small electric vehicles if tests of the "Free Duck" being carried out in the Danube town of Russe, Bulgaria for the next two years prove successful. The purpose-designed vehicle with seating for one is said to be capable of handling about 440 lbs (we suspect that includes the driver) and can reach speeds of 28 mph. The "Duck" is the result of a collaborative effort between two universities and several European po

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Bulgaria_goes_into_debt_to_buy_fleet_of_Porsche_Cayenne_ambulances'; There's few things that could make one turn away from the blue light at the end of the tunnel and return to the land of the living, but a ride in a Porsche Cayenne ambulance just might do the trick. Apparently Bulgaria agrees, as the cash-strapped country's health ministry is using a loan from the World Bank to buy a fleet 32 Cayenne's destined for ambulance duty (a Russian Porsche

Rumors are flying about (improbable) potential new sites for F1 races. Last Thursday it was Alabama; now Bulgaria's jumping and shouting "me too!" The mayor of Kavarna is set to present a proposal next month to the city council that would involve a Dutch consortium investing $19 million (not even close to actual cost) to build a circuit on 250 acres (not quite enough space) in the seaside city. But even if the track were built ("if" being the operative word), that would hardly guarantee them a r

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