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buick lesabre

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    Video: Watch this phantom Buick drive itself down the highway in a snow storm

    Years ago, General Motors used Buick cars to test out the idea of a "smart highway" concept. More recently, GM has been talking up its award-winning Super Cruise semi-autonomous technology that will roll out with Cadillac and make its way to Buick. The LeSabre in the video above has nothing to do ...

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    Make it stop: Bad landau tops

    Silly landau tops - Click above image for high-res image gallery
    Landau tops. Frankly, some are fine. Show us, say, a mid-to-late '70s Olds Cutlass or Lincoln Town Coupe gussied up accordingly from the factory, and we're liable to nod in approval and make one of those, "Ehh, not bad at all!" ...

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    VIDEO: 24 Hours of LeMons: Toyota MR2 dicing with a Buick LeSabre at The Lamest Day

    Toyota MR2 chasing down a Buick LeSabre at Nelson Ledges - click above image to watch the video
    You might have heard of this 24 Hours of LeMons traveling sideshow by now. You know, a bunch of $500 cars dropping mufflers all over the place as they pointlessly race around a track. Cruel weirdos ...

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    Letterman drops safe on Buick LeSabre

    David Letterman is at it again. And this time we're taking it personally. Long a fan of Dave and his destruction of household items for our amusement, we have to draw the line somewhere. In his latest shtick, Letterman has his crew drop a safe from the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater in which his ...


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