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buick crossover

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    Detroit: 2013 Buick Encore is smaller than you think

    As Buick unleashed its rather deliberate teaser strategy for its 2013 Encore crossover, there was much speculation among both industry pundits and Autoblog commenters about what size the vehicle actually is. Having seen it in person and now having the full measurements at hand, we feel ...

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    Teased: Buick names new small CUV Encore, promises Detroit debut

    Corroborating long-held suspicions and spy shots, General Motors has confirmed that its surging Buick marque will shortly receive a second crossover. Dubbed "Encore" (apparently GM is hoping consumers have short memories), the five-seat CUV will be revealed at next month's 2012 Detroit Auto Show ...

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    Report: U.S. Chevy Captiva deliveries begin as GM mulls Sonic-based CUV for Buick

    Chevrolet began deliveries of its Captiva fleet vehicle last week. The compact crossover is imported from Mexico and bears a striking resemblance to the recently deceased Saturn Vue. Don't think we're about to see the vehicle show up in the company's consumer lineup, however. General Motors says ...

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    Officially Official: Buick adds three new models

    2011 Buick Regal – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As it turns out, the rumors swirling around both the new Buick CUV and small sedan have turned out to be true. The company confirmed that by 2012, it will boast a total of three new vehicles in its lineup, including the new Regal. ...

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    Report: Buick to build new compact crossover in Michigan

    If your head's still spinning from General Motors' decision to pull the Orlando from its domestic offerings, you might want to sit down. According to a report on M Live, things are about to get a little more bizarre. The site names an unnamed source as saying GM will begin building a new small ...

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    BREAKING: GM cancels Buick crossover before birth, will add PHEV drivetrain to another vehicle

    Surprising news comes by way of General Motors today as the automaker has already canceled its recently announced Buick crossover, which in reality was little more than an ex-Saturn Vue emblazoned with Buick's trademark chrome waterfall grille. And therein lies the rub. As confirmed to Autoblog ...

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    Buick expanding lineup to six models in two years

    During our preview this morning of upcoming products from both Buick and GMC, we learned that the Buick lineup will expand its lineup to include six models within the next 24 months. Joining the LaCrosse and Enclave (it sounds like the Lucerne is on its way out) will be two new sedans and two new ...

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    Buick Enclave pricing released

    $32,790That's the minimum, early-summer buy-in for what is arguably Buick's most exciting, most innovative product in decades. That just-under 33 grand purchases a front wheel drive CX model with standard 275hp V6, Buick's first 6-speed tranny, xenon lights, heated mirrors, power liftgate, ...


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