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bugatti veyron eb 16.4

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    Spy Shots: Bugatti Chiron mule caught wearing stylish camo over hybrid drivetrain

    Upon first inspection, this looks to be a strangely styled Bugatti Veyron. Such a thing shouldn't be a shock. We have, after all, already seen the hypercar with a penis on the hood and painted in nearly every single hue that exists on our planet. Take a closer look, though, and we see something ...

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    ETC: Bugatti Veyron gets shafted

    There are no shortage of phallus jokes one can make about a car and its owners, but no amount of jesting makes spray painting an actual penis on a car okay. That's triply true when the car in question is the Bugatti Veyron. This poor Veyron was spotted on the streets of Seattle, and while our ...


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