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buenos aires

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    Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept looks ready to tackle Dakar, maybe the moon

    The production version of the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado has yet to be revealed, but auto show crowds in Argentina are getting a peek at the possible lines of the upcoming pickup. Chevrolet is picking the Buenos Aires International Motor Show as the stage on which it will show off its ...

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    Video: Standing water + train = car wash!

    Luckily, no one on the overpass appears to be driving a convertible - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    What happens when you combine a flooded underpass, a traffic-jammed overpass, and a passenger train in Buenos Aires, Argentina? You get a real-life Six Flags water attraction. Those ...

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    Lamborghini Alar 777 puts the bull under the knife

    click above image to view the intricate surface detail of the Alar 777 in high-resWe'll admit right off the bat that we can't tell you much about this car, called the Lamborghini Alar 777. Apparently an Argentinian by the name of Joan Ferci has somehow acquired exclusive rights to build custom ...


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