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    Video: Romanian criminals attempt to loot a moving truck

    With money having transitioned from cold hard cash to ones and zeros on a computer screen, stealing someone's personal property has also gone from the romantically dangerous act of train robbing to the Hot Pocket-consuming act of electronic bank hacking. We miss the good old days when miscreants ...

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    VIDEO: Being "That Guy" in Romania

    Have you ever been "that guy?" We're talking about that motorist who causes a massive traffic jam on account of a flat tire, blown engine or other unfortunate event out of his control. Most of the time it's not as if "that guy" sets out to break down and snarl the afternoon rush.But then there's ...

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    Golden Oldie: 18-karat Vee-Dub in Bucharest

    This isn't exactly what the recording industry had in mind when The Beatles went gold for the first time. But then, who would have predicted back then that the Iron Curtain would fall and that Eastern Europe would grow into one of the world's largest markets for tasteless luxury items. This 1968 ...

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    Matech Ford GT wins its first race in FIA GT3

    click above image for 45 more desktop wallpaper-size picsNo doubt followers of FIA GT3 racing were surprised at how well the Ford GTs from Matech ran in the first two races at Silverstone earlier this month. No one, however, was prepared for the can of whoop ass they opened up in Bucarest last ...

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    Bucharest Ring race track circles Romanian Parliament

    Getting around Capitol Hill in Washington, DC can be a tricky venture, but getting around the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania, has gotten considerably easier. Not because the local politics are any less entangled, but because the Romanian legislature is being surrounded by a race track. ...


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