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From DOE investments to venture capitalists, there is a lot of money flowing into the green car industry these days. On the whole, this is good, because moving the transportation sector off of oil is a long and expensive proposition. Just getting started is a huge task.

Ready for some more on the 1.1-liter Shuanghuan Bubble, the car also known as the Shuanghuan Noble (but everyone outside of China knows it as the Smart car clone)? Automotive News Europe's Luca Ciferri went to see the Bubble at the Bologna auto show and says (subs req'd) that even though Martin Motors violated a court injunction by showing the car there, they did the right thing. Now he's seen the differences between the two with his own eyes and believes that no one will easily mistake one f

Daimler's not taking the close resemblance of a Chinese minicar to a smart fortwo lightly. The German automaker has gotten a court order forbidding Martin Motors, the European distributor for China's Shuanghuan Automobile, from displaying the Shuanghuan Noble at the upcoming Bologna Auto Show. This is the second time Daimler has blocked the Noble from being displayed, having taken similar action at the Frankfurt show.

var digg_url = http://www.digg.com/offbeat_news/Don_t_deny_the_donk_a_lifted_NYC_Taxi_on_30_inch_rims/; Say that you're RIDES Magazine and you want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of taxi cab service in New York City - what to do? Simple - take a 1996 Crown Vic (arguably better looking than Ford's current take on the Panther platform), put a lift on it that shames many custom pickups, and shove a set of Pirelli-shod 30" MHT wheels under it. Not included is the milkcrate you'll need to stan

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