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91Belgian official tells Brussels Motor Show to nix racy spokesmodels [w/poll]

Visitors to the upcoming Brussels Motor Show – which starts January 11, and is expected to draw some 350,000 visitors – will have to focus all of their attention on the vehicles this year, as event organizers have asked the automakers to keep the eye-candy "appropriately dressed" on the show's floor and exhibits.

12And the winner for most congested European city is...

The trouble with European cities is that most of them were laid out long before the advent of the automobile. Little wonder, then, that nearly all of them suffer from terrible traffic congestion. But which is the most jammed of all of them?

AddBrussels to launch electric vehicle car sharing program in March

In March, a company by the name of Zen Car will launch an electric vehicle car sharing scheme in the city of Brussels, Belgium. Zen Car says that 29 plug-ins will hit the streets and fifteen charging stations will pop up throughout the city to support the electric fleet. Membership costs are pegged at 40 euros ($55 U.S. at the current exchange rate), plus 6 euros ($8 U.S) a month and 7 euros ($10 U.S.) per hour spent behind the wheel.

29Muscles in Brussels: Land Rover launches Defender X-Tech edition in Belgium

Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddFirst Ride: We check out the 2011 Lexus CT 200h in Europe

2011 Lexus CT 200h prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddCitro├źn C-Zero to debut at Brussels Auto Show

Citroen C-Zero – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddAudi preparing Brussels plant for A1 production

Audi has just announced a multimillion investment to adapt the VAG group's plant in Forest, near Brussels, Belgium to produce the A1. The Brussels plant will be producing a single model for the first time in its history. The site previously played a supporting role for the Volkswagen Group.

AddTotal opens highway hydrogen fueling station in Belgium

The first European hydrogen station installed along a highway is now open. The oil giant Total has opened the fuel kiosk along the Ruisbroek-Brussels highway in Belgium, and it is the first hydrogen dispensing station that is located in a place like "regular" ones. It's also the first hydrogen fuel station built outside Germany. Although owned by Total, the station was also sponsored by BMW, which must be glad to announce that lucky drivers of the BMW Hydrogen 7-series had another place to fill

14Brussels 2007: MINI makes The Other Ranch for Clubman debut

click above for more pics of the The Other Ranch by MINI

AddAudi will begin to build compacts in Belgium

For several months, Volkswagen has been examining the options for their Brussels, Belgium assembly plant. Although the idea of closing the plant was floated at one point, VW decided to use the excess capacity by turning it over to their corporate sibling, Audi.

AddParis public transport project promises pedal pushing

Instead of throwing in a set of steak knives to clinch a big sales deal in Paris, advertising company JCDecaux has thrown in a low-cost bike rental service to seal a bus stop advertising contract. The service will allow people to pick up their ride from one of 1,450 planned bike stations across Paris using a credit card. Planned to be in operation by the end of the year, over 20,000 bikes will be available for residents to use in the city which has recently added bus lanes and widened footpaths

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