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17Swiss hail success of drive-in brothel

Switzerland is known for many things: chocolate, watches, blonde hair, fondue, finance and now, drive-in brothels. Zürich, Switzerland's largest city, kicked off the drive-in brothel program a year ago, and is now claiming it's a resounding success.

AddSchwinn! Biking to brothel can save you bucks in Berlin

Here at ABG we try to stay on top of all the news that concerns greener ways of conducting the comings and goings of our readers and it is in that spirit that we bring you news of an offer that encourages more bicycle use. The Maison d'Envie (truly NSFW), a brothel in Berlin, is offering a discount for patrons who arrive by bicycle or Berlin public transport. Now, instead of paying €70 ($97.84) for a 45 minute visit, €65 ($90.85) will do the trick. Oddly, the €5 reduction extends

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