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29Energy-positive EV 'Skypump' opens at Whole Foods in Brooklyn

After reading about a new Whole Foods Market featuring two super-green-friendly plug-in vehicle charging stations out in its parking lot, one wonders if the IFC sketch comedy show should be renamed "Brooklandia." Because it doesn't get much more crunchy than this.

81Aventador gets a split personality in Brooklyn

If you're going to drive a Lamborghini like it's meant to be driven, you'd better make sure there's nothing else around. New York City most definitely does not qualify, as the driver of this white Aventador discovered the hard way.

352E-ZPasses Track Vehicles In NY Even Off Toll Roads

New Yorkers may not realize they are being tracked

New York's E-ZPass uses a radio-frequency identification sensor, or RFID tag, which allows residents of the Big Apple to pay road tolls electronically. But most drivers don't know that the state is using the passes to gather data far from toll booths, according to an article in Forbes.

29New York Police Find Clever New Way To Deter Car Theft

Residents receiving pictures of valuables left in plain sight

Motorists have heard these warnings countless times: Don't tempt thieves. Don't leave valuables in your car. Yet such common-sense advice is often ignored.

5Beautiful Earth Group installs solar charging station in Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful Earth Group (BEG), a Brooklyn, NY-based renewable energy company, has installed a solar-powered plug-in vehicle charging station right in its own backyard. Well, sort of. You see, BEG's solar charging units sits in Brooklyn Bridge Park – an 85-acre sustainable waterfront piece of land with views of New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline.

AddZipCar expands into two new locations in Brooklyn

Car sharing service Zipcar has expanded again this time adding two new Brooklyn, NY locations from which members can get a car when they need one. The crowded streets of New York are probably one of the best possible locations for Zipcar service. Not having to deal with the hassle of trying to find a place to park everyday will probably be a great incentive to people who only have need of a car occasionally.

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