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    Video: Father and son team preserving BRM Formula 1 legacy for future generations

    Generally, maintaining a piece of history is a difficult venture. It's made more difficult when the history in question is a rare, complex piece of machinery. So you can imagine the task set before Rick and Rob Hall, a father-and-son team that's taken it upon themselves to preserve the legacy of ...

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    Abarth's Race Against Time: BRM V12-T-44 Chronograph

    BRM V12-T-44-Abarth – Click above to view high-res image
    The French timekeeper BRM is well known to the car world – and not because it happens to share its name with the 1962 F1 championship team – but because of its motorsport-inspired mechanical timepieces. For Abarth, BRM ...

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    Brake your wrist with BRM's cuff links

    Some people like to keep their interests to themselves, while others wear their hearts on their sleeve. If you're a gearhead falling into the latter category, you'll probably get a kick out of these.The cuff links are designed to look like cross-drilled brake discs, only in 18-karat rose gold. ...


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