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britney spears

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    VIDEO: KDM Hyundai Tucson iX is a Sexy Utility Vehicle... just ask Britney Spears?!

    Hyundai Tucson iX commercial from Korea – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It doesn't seem that long ago that Beck was singing about picking up his date in a Hyundai. (Check out "Debra" – best song ever). Only he was kidding. And it was funny. Damn funny, actually. But ...

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    Britney Spears goes car shopping, comes home with 604 horses

    The salesman who sold Lindsay Lohan her Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG must have been present when Britney Spears recently rolled into the dealership. According to celebrity site, Britney Spears just picked up a shiny new white SL65. That means once again a young accident prone distracted driver ...

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    Britney picks up a vintage Porsche, books a few lessons

    While we're not exactly sure where Britney plans on (incorrectly) mounting her son's baby seat, Ms. Spears has just picked up a pretty 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster. So says sister-site Luxist, which notes that as the Toxic driver can't negotiate a manual transmission, she's seen in the photo above ...

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    Britney Spears giving her all to promote child seat safety

    Pop star Britney Spears is doing more for the promotion of child car seat safety than the industry could have ever possibly hoped for, and yet she hasn't earned a dime. The starlet recently committed her second child seat faux pas when she put son Sean Preston in a car seat facing forwards in ...

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    New York Auto Show: Deja Vue? Saturn's crossover concept hits us baby, one more time

    Despite its fortuitous name, the Saturn PreVue unveiled yesterday had us humming a certain bubblegum pop tune by blonde we'd just as soon forget.  And no wonder... we've literally seen this exact same concept before, albeit rocking Opel badges. As far as we can tell, even the ...


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