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    2011 British Grand Prix brings the circus back home to Silverstone [spoilers]

    Unlike racing series such as IndyCar or Le Mans, the Formula One championship isn't built around any specific race. But even though each grand prix carries the same weight in the standings, some are, symbolically speaking, more important than others. While Monaco is clearly the most exciting, ...

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    2010 British Grand Prix: Favoritism stokes rivalry in "the Arena" [SPOILERS]

    2010 British Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A Formula One World Championship without a British Grand Prix would be almost unthinkable. After all, England claims the mantle of the series' birthplace, and its GP (along with Italy's) stands as the longest-running in motor ...

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    P1 reportedly following other British supercar clubs into bankruptcy

    While the idea of the supercar club has yet to take hold here in The Colonies, across the Atlantic in jolly old England, the notion developed into a popular alternative to the costly prospect of owning and maintaining high-priced exotica. The idea, in a nutshell, was to provide customers with the ...

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    Detroit 2009: White Lightning - Jaguar shows 510 bhp XKRs [w/VIDEO]

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Jaguar XKR
    Emerging from Jaguar's press conference yesterday from a cloud of manufactured smoke and amidst the too-loud blare of the Gallagher Brothers were the stonking new XKR Coupe and Convertible.While the exterior receives subtle changes (new ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs

    Clarkson has a thing against roadside signs in the UK: namely, that a great many of them are stupid, and he wants the government to get rid of them. Turns out that Britain's Department for Transportation (DfT) might agree with him, but first they're going to review all the signs in Britain to see ...

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    Tata to (finally) announce Jaguar, Land Rover purchase March 5 or 6

    In what looks to be a merciful end to the world's longest foregone conclusion, Tata Motors will reportedly announce its purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover on either March 5 or 6. The announcement is expected after the first press day of the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, so as not to steal the limelight ...

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    Ferrari Approved program launches in UK

    While repeatedly denying the existence of an upcoming entry-level Ferrari, company executives have stated that the real entry-level Ferrari is a used Ferrari. To back that up, the company's outfit in the UK has established the Ferrari Approved program to certify second-hand Prancing Horses. The ...

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    China's SAIC to revive historic Longbridge UK plant

    MG's former Longbridge, UK headquarters has been pretty quiet since production ceased in 2005. Newly-merged owners SAIC and Nanjing want the clatter of carbuilding to once again echo through the plant and plan to base their European and overseas operations there. The plant itself has the ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister? Public support increases

    Some say his political views are frightening. Others say he's got a growing group of supporters. All we know is...he's called Jeremy Clarkson. Back in August we brought you a report that the celebrity host of BBC television's hit program Top Gear had a petition started in his name to promote his ...

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    Connaught and Caparo conspiring on Type-D

    Connaught's getting help from a fellow British sports car maker to get the Type-D to market next year. Caparo's vehicle engineering division, which does much the same thing as Lotus - supplying parts and engineering services to customers, will build the steel and composite chassis for the Type D. ...

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    I can see its ribs! Toyota Corolla in wireframe

    Art and automobiles share an uneasy crossroads. Automotive body design is certainly art, but the expression tends to be curtailed by the demands of commerce. Design a car that leans too far towards pure art, and the market will reject it. The symbiosis of needs has served the automotive industry ...

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    Grand Prix, Great Britain, Big Screen

    The UK is a pretty good place to be an F1 fan, as a number of F1 teams are headquartered in Great Britain. Four current F1 racing drivers are British, including the incredible Lewis Hamilton, with several more test drivers as well. Brits have their own race every year, no matter how poor the ...

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    Gibbs Aquada coming to America

    Looking a bit like an MX-5 that got tired of land-bound living and returned to the sea, the Gibbs Aquada is nearly the automotive equivalent of a dolphin. It's sleek and fast in the drink, but the little amphibious roadster can still crawl out of the soup and go prowling around on four wheels. Once ...

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    Nanjing turns the lights back on at MG's Longbridge, UK plant

    It appears that despite the incredulous whining and snarky commentary about Britain's MG being purchased by Nanjing and renamed Modern Gentleman, the Jiangsu, China based automaker has the best interests of MG in mind. They've been exceptionally careful stewards so far, quickly ramping up ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear season 9 preview

    Gearheads the world over (England particularly) have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming ninth season of Top Gear, the BBC's crown jewel of an automotive magazine show. All the more so following the drama of co-host Richard Hammond's terrifying crash and miraculous recovery, the details of ...

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    MG now known as Modern Gentleman

    It sounds to us like the kind of men's magazine you see at the supermarket. You know the one, the impossibly buffed-up guy on the cover touting a workout that only takes 2 minutes and will make you as solid as an oak tree. Whatever. Modern Gentleman? It sounds too genteel for its own good, nearly ...

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    Shaguar! Er... Jaguar designer honored

    Say what you will about the Jaguar X-Type wagon, shooting brake, you know it's a Jag when you see it. The same goes for the XJ, which was totally redesigned yet still retains its identity as an XJ and nothing else. In fact, the entire Jaguar line has a nice family look about it. The man responsible ...

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    British motorists rejoice! Griffin iTrip legalized in the UK

    Many motorists find an iPod as essential a driving companion (for better or worse) as a cup of coffee or loose change. Unfortunately, many drivers in the UK found themselves without a viable solution for marrying auto with iPod thanks to a decades-old law that prevented the use of FM transmitters ...

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    Brits "Frankenstein" their way to the Porsche Panamera

    A camel, they say, is a horse designed by committee. This is a car designed by survey, incorporating what Brits say they would like most in a car. British car buying site New Car Net conducted the study, having visitors pick which features they liked best. After the results were tabulated, their ...

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    What's all this then? Lambo LP640 for London Met Police

    Exactly how fast are British motorists driving, anyway? Apparently the Renault F1 car just wasn't enough for their highway patrol, so the London Met Police have procured a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 into their motor pool. Unlike the Italian police who received a patrol-prepped Gallardo pursuit ...


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