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    Report: Bristol hybrid supercar waiting in the wings

    The denouement is happening in geologic time, but it looks like historic British carmaker Bristol will be resurrected with a hybrid supercar courtesy of another historic former British carmaker, Frazer-Nash. Four years ago, Frazer-Nash, now a Swiss company specializing in hybrid and alternative ...

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    Rumormill: Bristol working on 200-mph electric supercar?

    Bristol has been in the news lately due to due a serious 'down' (bankruptcy) and a last-minute 'up' (saved by Frazer-Nash). Now, the British automaker is once again making headlines, and this time, it's because of a decidedly ambitious plan. Britain's Evo magazine has gotten wind of the company's ...

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    Report: Bristol Cars saved by... Frazer-Nash?!

    Ill-fated Bristol Cars has reportedly been rescued from the perils of administration by an unlikely savior. Kamkorp Autokraft, a Swiss company that's part of the Frazer-Nash empire, officially bought the British automaker after it was forced to make 22 members of its 25 person staff redundant ...

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    Report: Bristol Cars slides into administration

    Ultra-exclusive luxury sports car manufacturer Bristol has gone into administration after running into financial trouble. According to the BBC, Tom MacLennan and Trevor Binyon of RSM Tenon have been named joint administrators of the storied English marque, which has been peddling its cars through ...

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    Time: NASCAR struggles to get its groove back

    Bristol Speedway is among the most well-known tracks in America, and an all-time favorite of NASCAR fans. In fact, the track sold out 55 straight times beginning in 1982. But that streak came to an end in March, and the NASCAR news only gets more depressing from there. According to Time, NASCAR ...

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    The real reason for traffic jams: us!

    Finally, there's an explanation for those wasted hours we spent on the MassPike today asking no one in particular "what the (dirty word) is this (dirty word)?" A team of mathemeticians from the Universities of Exeter, Bristol and Budapest developed a mathematical model revealing that traffic jams ...

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    Bristol break-in stops the presses

    Bristol, a little known British builder of expensive luxury and sports cars, opened up its shop this past Monday in Patchway, England to find a rude surprise. Thieves had broken into the factory over the weekend and, instead of stealing cars, ripped off the company's presses that stamp out body ...

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    Man's Bristol 411 towed and crushed, even though it's legally parked

    When you live in a city as densely populated as Lambeth, South London, you have to follow parking laws very closely, or your vehicle will be towed. Mendoza Stewart abided by the law, and it didn't matter anyway. Stewart's ultra-rare 1972 Bristol 411 was towed away by the Lambeth Council, even ...

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    Bristol Fighter SCR one-ups Bugatti Veyron...maybe

    With a pair of turbochargers force-feeding its already potent Dodge Viper-sourced 8.0 liter V10, the gull-winged Bristol Fighter SCR ups the (metric) horsepower ante to 1012; or 11 more than the previous king, the Bugatti Veyron. Bristol Cars also claims that the Fighter SCR is capable of 0-100 ...


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