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    VIDEO: Brilliance BS4 scores zero points in Euro crash test

    Brilliance BS4 ADAC crash test – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Back in 2007, Chinese automaker Brilliance made international news when its BS6 sedan failed crash tests performed by the ADAC (Germany's version of our AAA) in fantastic (and frightening) fashion. The crash tests ...

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    Pininfarina tapped to style 3 concepts debuting in Beijing

    Pininfarina is making its voice heard designs seen in China, with 30-percent of the company's business now being done with the Asian nation. At this month's Beijing Motor Show, two Chinese automakers will reveal three models designed and, in some cases, engineered by the Italian firm. What's more, ...

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    VIDEO: The Brilliance BS6's 3-star crash test

    var digg_url = ''; As we reported yesterday, Chinese automaker Brilliance appears to have addressed a number of the shortcomings in its BS6 sedan that caused it to spectacularly fail a Euro NCAP crash ...

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    Brilliant recovery? Brilliance BS6 garners 3 stars in Spain crash test

    Following its utterly calamitous performance in crash tests conducted by Germany's ADAC, Chinese automaker Brilliance said that it would work with the German body to improve the car's safety. To be honest, we don't know if any such changes have been designed or implemented yet, but apparently, ...

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    Belgian dealer axes Brilliance BS6

    The first reported dumping of the Brilliance BS6 has taken place in Belgium, where dealer Karel Cardoen has halted sales of the car in the wake of its horrifying crash test conducted by Germany's ADAC. In perhaps the understatement of the year, Automotive News Europe quotes Cardonen as saying, "We ...

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    Not all Chinese designs SOAR

    While some Chinese companies have begun to figure out what we Westerners like, others still speak a different design language.Winding Road stumbled across this oddity from Chinese automaker SOAR while attending the recent Shanghai Auto Show. The car was on display in the parking lot. however, ...


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