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    Video: Malcolm Bricklin documentary The Entrepreneur gets official trailer

    Subaru 360s, Fiat X1/9s, and even an electric bicycle - Malcolm Bricklin has been involved in the sale of each of them. You can even thank him for the loathed Yugo, which he brought to the US. Bricklin's most recent adventure of note was bringing Cherys to the US market. That deal, which should ...

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    Bricklin: The Musical

    Bricklin SV-1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As anyone with a passing interest in automotive history can tell you, the car world is rife with the kind of drama that could keep TMZ humming for weeks. While most of those tales live in the dark annals of Wikipedia, a few of them ...

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    Book Review: The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History

    In 1985, just nine months before the Yugo came to America, Yugo America CEO Malcolm Bricklin and second in command Tony Ciminera toured the Zastava plant in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia. This is where the Yugo 45, the crazy-cheap car Americans would come to know, love and then loathe, would be built and ...

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    VIDEO: The Entrepreneur documentary about Malcolm Bricklin now playing on Autoblog

    Click above to watch The Entrepreneur after the jump
    Forget Blockbuster. Forget Netflix. Let Autoblog take care of movie night this week. We're presenting The Entrepreneur (Check out a review on on our silver screen through 7/30 courtesy of This recently released ...

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    SEMA Sideshow: Bricklin SV1 show car

    Click for gallery of high-res shots of the Bricklin SV1 show carNow here's something you definitely don't see every day, even at SEMA. A Bricklin SV-1! And not just any Bricklin SV-1 either, but the one redone by Dan Woods on "Chop, Cut, Rebuild." Less than 3,000 of these sporty safety cars were ...

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    Bricklin shooting for the Automotive X-Prize: Will it have gull-wings?

    Click to enlarge the 1/4 scale model of the EXV-LSDepending on whether you bought a Subaru or a Yugo, Malcolm Bricklin is either the phoenix who keeps rising from the ashes or the roach you just can't seem to stamp out. Either way, he's back and this time his Visionary Vehicles has shifted from an ...

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    VIDEO: Gullwings aplenty - 2007 Bricklin Owner's meet and a chat with Malcom Bricklin

    Bricklin owners have got it good. What other group of enthusiasts can have the founder and chief designer of their cars come and hang out with them for a weekend? Bricklin owners can, and did. From July 18th through the 22nd, the central Massachusetts city of Leominster played host to a flock of ...

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    The most Bricklins we've ever seen in one place

    click on the picture above to see a gallery of 15 shotsNo, we're not talking about what happens when Malcolm gets together with the rest of the clan, but it is a family gathering of sorts. The Bricklin SV-1, Bricklin's 1970s stab at a safety GT, of course has a cult following. How could you deny ...

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    Bricklin's back with Chinese-made hybrid

    You gotta love Malcolm Bricklin's tenacity. Despite his plans to import Chinese-made Cherys into the U.S., Bricklin's looking east again for his next big thing. Which is an inexpenisive hybrid.Bricklin says his company, Visionary Vehicles, is currently working to design a low-cost hybrid car that ...

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    Auto designer sues Chery, Visionary Vehicles

    Out of the Chery/Visionary Vehicles breakup/separation/whatever currently going on comes a story of one disgruntled would-be designer.Kenneth G. Grant Jr., former Ford automotive designer who worked on the last Thunderbird and other projects, filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming, among other things, ...

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    Visionary Vehicles pushes back Chery's U.S. launch

    Malcolm Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles announced Wednesday another delay in his plans to import Chinese-built cars to the U.S., this time to late 2008 or early 2009. Bricklin originally planned a U.S. launch of Chery automobiles in January 2007.Even the joint venture between Chery Automobile and ...

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    George Soros said to be pouring $200M into Chery export venture

    George Soros is said to be looking at investing $200M into Chinese automaker Chery to help its efforts in exporting low-cost vehicles to the United States. How this dovetails into Malcolm Bricklin's efforts to do the same with his Visionary Vehicles company is not yet clear; Bricklin is said to ...

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    Coming soon to a theater near you: "Malcolm Bricklin: The Movie"?

    Automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin's business successes and failings over the years have been well documented in the media over the years, with Autoblog being no exception. All eyes are on Bricklin to see if his grandiose plans for Chinese automaker Chery can meet with Subaru-like success, ...

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    Malcolm Bricklin 'Chery' picks ex-AIADA president for Visionary Vehicles

    Automotive mogul Malcolm Bricklin announced Wednesday that he has signed Marianne McInerney, former President of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) to be his Executive Vice President of Dealer/Industry Relations at Visionary Vehicles. The CEO is best known for his ...


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