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    Romeo Ferraris and Autodelta team up for a supercharged goodbye to the Alfa Romeo Brera

    We've seen Romeo Ferraris tune all manner of vehicles, but oddly none from the automaker with which it shares the first part of its name. That's all changing, but not with a current Alfa Romeo model. For their latest project, RF has turned its attention to the recently discontinued Alfa Romeo ...

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    Alfa Romeo updates Brera & Spider with new engines, trim

    2011 Alfa Romeo Spider – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Say what you will about Alfa Romeo's latest 8C-derived styling direction, but we're going to miss the angular beauty of the current Brera and its drop-top Spider sibling. But before the achingly gorgeous two-doors sail off ...

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    Paris Preview: Alfa Romeo Brera TI

    Click above for high-res shots of the Alfa Romeo Brera TI
    We're already distressed about not being able to buy the Brera in the U.S. Now, Alfa Romeo is giving its Brera the Turismo Internazionale treatment for the Paris Motor Show, and we want it even more. Called, naturally, the Brera TI, the car ...

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    Prodrive tuning the Alfa Romeo Brera S in June

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo Brera.Prodrive is in the process of developing a performance package for the Alfa Romeo Brera S, the first collaboration between the two since Prodrive campaigned a pair of factory-built Alfa 155s in the British Touring Car Championship in 1995. ...

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    Alfa Romewoo

    click above image for gallery There was a Seinfeld episode once that explained the problem with bathroom sprays. Jerry's issue was that the spray didn't get rid of the offending odor, it just tried to cover it up with an even more offensive odor, and it didn't even really do that, so now you had ...

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    Alfa Romeo gets Maserati backing to come to the US

    In a move that makes sense, instead of Alfa Romeo needing to develop its own dealer network, Maserati dealers will be expected to sell Alfas in a couple years' time. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said Maserati will be in the black again this year, after 17 years in a red sea. With its new gearbox ...

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    More insight into new Alfa Romeo 149

    This just in from Info Motori: some concept sketches of Alfa Romeo's upcoming 147-replacement, the 149. OK, so they are just a few more illustrations to go along with the dozen or so others floating around out there, but with Alfa poised for a U.S. comeback and products like the 8C and Brera out ...

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    Autodelta Alfa Brera

    The Alfa Romeo Brera is quite possibly the most beautiful car on the market, but reviews have lamented the lack of "go" to accompany the "show". Alfa tuners extraordinaire Autodelta have answered the call with the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C. The first Autodelta based on the new generation of Alfas ...

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    CONFIRMED - Alfa returns to U.S. at end of 2009 with three-model lineup

    Autoweek is confirming that Alfa Romeo's long awaited return to the U.S. won't happen until the end of 2009 so that it will coincide with the company's 100-year anniversary. Preparation for reinsertion into the U.S. marketplace appears to be going well, as the proposed three-car lineup comprised of ...

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    Alfa Romeo to delay U.S. return to 2010?

    The well-regarded Italian magazine Quattroruote published a good news/bad news story Tuesday. In a story about the difficulty Alfa Romeo will face in (re)establishing itself in the competitive American market, the magazine confirms the brand will be seen in the U.S., but adds the caveat "even if ...

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    Alfa Romeo returning to the U.S.!

    After an absence of more than a decade, Fiat's Alfa Romeo brand is returning to the U.S. market. In a conference call May 3rd, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that he has plans in place to begin distributing Alfa Romeo models in the U.S. through  Maserati's dealer network, possibly as ...


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