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brawn gp

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    SPOILER ALERT: Spraying the Bubbly at the 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix

    2009 Bahrain Grand Prix - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    If you hadn't watched a single grand prix yet this season, hadn't read any F1-related news or even glanced at a headline, and hadn't spoken to a single racing fan for the past couple of months, you'd likely be shocked to find out ...

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    F1 Diffuser Saga Defused: Court of Appeal rules in favor of Brawn, et al.

    Brawn GP diffuser as seen by the competition
    The FIA International Court of Appeal has just ruled that the "Diffuser 3" can continue on with their current shapely backsides, much to the chagrin of Formula 1 competitor Ferrari (among others). The Court had met in Paris to respond to a challenge ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: 2009 Formula 1 season kicks off with a kick in Australia

    2009 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res gallery
    Boring. Predictable. The world's most expensive parade. Sound familiar? If it does, chances are you've steered clear (so to speak) of Formula One for the past decade or so. And even the most red-blooded racing ...

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    Your Formula 1 season has officially begun, Brawn GP in the lead

    It seems like F1 has been suffering the wrong kind of turmoil for the past few years: big and little teams failing; espionage; driver spats; owner-and-FIA spats; record penalties and fines; sex scandals; and regulations being changed like diapers - just to name a few things. The 2009 season has ...


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