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    REPORT: Chrysler planning second Fiat-based compact sports sedan

    Fiat Bravo - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    For Chrysler, the cornerstone of its proposed alliance with Fiat is for the Italian automaker to supply its domestic partner with smaller, more fuel efficient platforms and drivetrains. It's been assumed that the Fiat 500 would be one of the ...

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    VIDEO: Raikkonen and Schumacher in Fiat Bravo commercial

    "So...wanna see a pensioner drive?" Michael Schumacher casts a pretty big shadow over all of F1, and nobody knows it better than Kimi Raikkonen. That's bred a little animosity by Ferrari's latest world champion to his septuple-crown predecessor, but that hasn't stopped either from fulfilling their ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Fiat Bravo Crossover

    Fiat's already started the machinations to bring Alfa back to the North American market, so is it too much to dream that Fiat proper would mount a return as well? The rhetoric surrounding the 2010 Bravo is that it's an integral part to the brand spreading to more diverse markets. What could be more ...

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    Bravo! What's next? Fiat plans facelift, wagon and Abarth versions in 2010

    Fiat just unveiled the new Bravo hatchback, but it's not about the sit back and watch its new global Focus/Golf/etc.-fighter sink or swim. Newly incorporated separately from its sister brands, Fiat has big plans for the Bravo line-up, which, following the immense success of the Grande Punto below ...

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    Official snaps of the Fiat Bravo

    click on above image to view previously unseen pics of the new Fiat Bravo Following its presentation yesterday in Rome, we can now deliver to you the official photos of the new Bravo, Fiat's new compact that'll arrive in Europe in the next few weeks. Despite the length of the press release we've ...

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    VIDEO: Fiat Bravo spinnin' like a record

    Didn't get enough of the brand-spankin'-new Fiat Bravo unveiled two weeks ago? Fiat'll give you a fix with this video that lets you see the new hatch spinning around for your viewing pleasure. Now you can see the Bravo from every angle and get the full scope of its lines, and not just from the ...

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    2007 Fiat Bravo unveiled

    click on image to enlargeFiat took the wraps off its new Bravo in Rome today before the company plans to offer the five-door hatch across Europe in the coming weeks. The Bravo returns to the market with a sleek and sexy Italian body that makes it appear far more expensive than the typical five-door ...

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    Fiat Bravo images leaked

    After giving us a look at the new Linea sedan, Fiat released images of its new Bravo hatch, but it put an embargo on showing the images to the public until next Thursday. But Italian magazine Quattroruote apparently couldn't wait that long and printed the images a bit early. The design stems from ...

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    Fiat reveals release dates for a dozen Alfas, Fiats and Lancias

    Typically we get production announcements from manufacturers one model at a time, if not one brand at a time, but the Fiat Group has released their full production schedule for the Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Fiat brands for the next few years. We'll get right into the good stuff with the most ...

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    Spy Shots: Fiat Bravo

    Fiat is preparing its new Bravo for debut at Geneva next spring, and photos have surfaced of a test mule tooling around Turin. Fiat hopes to take aim at the hot-selling Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus with its new Bravo hatch, developed in conjunction with Canadian components supplier Magna. ...


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