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    Ron Paul racing for NASCAR vote?

    The stupendous amounts of money being spent on the presidential race have got supporters of non-front-running candidates coming up with novel ways to keep up the fight. Aficionados of Republican candidate Ron Paul have created Ron Paul Racing, a web site gathering pledges to brand a NASCAR car ...

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    Size matters when it comes to pickup logos

    Some crowds are worried about speed, some about interior volume, some about the number of cupholders. The pickup truck crowd has a tendency to be concerned with size, so the automakers give them what they want. And in this case, it's bigger and bigger logos. Kicking Tires took the real estate ...

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    Sticking to its consonants: Lincoln to continue alphabet soup

    When the new Lincoln MKS arrives next summer, it will join the MKZ and MKX. And then those three will be joined by another MK-something, perhaps a large Lincoln crossover based on the Ford Flex, to arrive in 2009. More than once we have written MKZ when we were referring to the MKS. More than one ...

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    Ferrari and Acer team up on PDA

    A Ferrari PDA. Joy of joys. People still use these things? If you must have one more thing strapped to your belt or stuffed in your pocket, might as well get the one with the Prancing Horse. That way, when everyone else pulls out their toys and starts twiddling as a way to avoid human interaction, ...

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    Ferrari Gives Dany Bahar Wings

    As if Ferrari needed any help promoting its brand, they've gone and hired Dany Bahar. During his tenure at Red Bull, the intrepid Turk transformed the energy drink company from a simple sponsor into team owners, first acquiring Red Bull Racing from Ford when Jaguar's F1 team went bust, then going ...

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    McLaren joins the branding race with new recruit

    McLaren is always chasing after Ferrari. They've chased after them on the track for decades, and sometimes they catch up. They've chased them on the road, trouncing the F40 with the McLaren F1 supercar, but missing the mark somewhat with the SLR. But in the modern era where racing is only half of ...

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    Wall Street Journal weighs in on alphanumeric naming

    The Wall Street Journal has finally picked up on the increasingly popular (and entropic) automotive trend that is alphanumeric naming. Writer Gina Chon is less than complementary about the whole business of going from actual word-based name to strings of numbers and letters, going to great lengths ...


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