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    Toyota drops in Best Global Brands Rankings, still top auto brand

    Interbrand uses a number of criteria to rank the world's top global, profitable, publicly-held brands – "global" meaning they operate on at least three continents, derive at least 30% of their income outside of their home market and no single market accounts for more than 50% of their ...

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    Kia axes plan for EcoDynamics branding in U.S.

    Kia Forte EcoDynamics LPI Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Kia Motors unveiled its EcoDynamics sub-brand at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the company claimed its new badge would begin to appear on U.S.-bound models soon. In fact, Kia promised that its eco-friendly ...

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    GM announces plans to close Opel Antwerp facility

    General Motors is closing down its Opel plant in Antwerp, and forfeiting up to €500 million (about $707 million) in aid the Flemish government had promised if the operation had remained open. The action is expected to take place over the next few months. Shutting down Antwerp is just one part ...

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    Hyundai pushing dealers upmarket abroad

    Hyundai is shaking its money makers, spending €60 million to upgrade its dealer network in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Each of 2,500 dealers will spend at least €24,000 on improving their facilities, with matching funds coming from both distributors and the ...

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    We say BMW, you say...

    So here we have the kind of real-time social engagement that the Internet originally promised us. A site called Brandtag allows you to enter a 1-word attribute for a brand -- like "quattro" for Audi -- and then creates a page with the popularity of any brand identifier denoted by its size on the ...

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    Survey: Bring back Oldsmobile, Studebaker

    Brand revival has become a hot trend in the automotive industry, but while European marques like MINI, Maybach, Bugatti and Spyker have returned to the limelight, American automakers have yet to climb on board. According to this Brandjunkie survey conducted by Interbrand's website, ...

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    Lexus brand isn't flying in Toyota's home market

    In trying to establish a Japanese-market foothold for Lexus, Toyota has seemingly fallen prey to the same tactic that made the Cadillac Cimmaron such a maroon. When trying to launch a brand, especially an upscale brand, it's not advisable to rebadge existing models and crank up the price. It ...

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    Kelley Blue Book hands out 2008 Brand Image Awards

    Automakers work very hard at the branding process, which takes years and years of effort to achieve. For instance, when a consumer hears Porsche, he or she likely sthink of sports cars and iconic design principles -- despite the fact that the German brand sells plenty of SUVs, too. And when a brand ...

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    Jeep ready to paint your house red

    When you've got a name as well established as Jeep, you hardly need to sell vehicles to turn a profit. You can get the Jeep name on all sorts of consumer merchandise, from a butched-up umbrella stroller to clothes and even bedding. There are more licensed products on the way, a few even making some ...

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    Does BMW want more babies?

    BMW is expected to release its new corporate strategy later this year, and when it does, it might include expanding to swallow up some more brands. What those brands might be has not been revealed, although reports indicate that the Bavarian automaker could be looking to take over Volvo cars from ...

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    These kids today: college students think Volvo is German and Land Rover is American...

    Do you know where babies cars come from? Anderson Analytics took a survey of 1,000 college students from more than 375 universities and discovered that many of them don't. A third of the respondents thought Lexus was American. More than half of them thought Hyundai was Japanese, and at the same ...

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    BMW gets in on the laptop action with Acer

    Bandwagons are for jumping on, and this one's carrying laptop computers branded by automakers. Ferrari's was among the first, then Lamborghini jumped on board, and more recently we've seen Koenigsegg and Maybach follow suit. Not to be left out, reports are surfacing that BMW has teamed up with ...

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    Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles goes Professional

    It's been a period of big changes for Fiat's commercial truck division recently. First the brand gained independent incorporation in the restructuring of the Fiat Group, and now the division is getting a new name and image. What was incorporated just a few months ago as Fiat Light Commercial ...

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    Watch out, Lexus: Hyundai considering premium brand

    Hyundai's product line-up has been both steadily improving and moving up-market, first with the launch of the Veracruz luxury SUV and now with the announcement of the upcoming Genesis RWD V8 luxury sedan. The emergence of the premium Hyundais has lead to industry speculation that the burgeoning ...

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    New strategy for Seat appeals to wider base

    Having unique character might be good for enthusiasts, but it's not so good for the bottom line, and Martin Winterkorn is more concerned about the latter. That's why the CEO of Volkswagen AG is planning on remaking its struggling Seat brand in a new mold. Although not offered in the North American ...

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    SAIC launching new brand without Rover name

    Since both Plan A and B have failed, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp. has decided to move on to Plan C, which means taking the intellectual property rights to the Rover 25 and 75 models it acquired last year and selling the vehicles under a new brand name. Today that name was announced, and ...

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    Is Camry the new 'old folks' car?

    The Toyota Camry is one of the most successful cars in the U.S., having outsold all other sedans since 1997. But can it sustain its crown? Ted Evanoff of the Indianapolis Star writes that the vehicle may be suffering an image problem. "Younger people see the Camry as an older person's car,'' ...

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    Editorial: Will DCX's move taking Jeep 'out of the woods' dilute the brand?

    The Jeep Compass, arguably the 2006 North American International Auto Show's leading whipping boy has been outed (along with company's upcoming Patriot twin) by James Healey at the USA Today as potentially damaging brand extensions. The two vehicles are based on the DaimlerChrysler's ...


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