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    Brembo lands Lexus IS-F brake deal

    click above image for high-res pics of the Lexus IS-FWhen the Lexus IS-F debuted at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, it was wearing a set of black painted calipers branded with the Lexus name. When the car officially goes on sale in the second quarter of 2008, it will be wearing a set of gold painted ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part III

    After dedicating the last several years to the pursuit of power and handling, we're finally putting forth an effort to slow down our car. Consider this to be an indicaton of hard-earned maturity (as opposed to our receding hairlines, which are just signs of getting old). Our new parts showed up in ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance/Project Garage: 2006 wrap-up

    In 2006, we spent a lot of time spinning wrenches here in the Autoblog Garage in the process of taking on common maintenance tasks and a few performance upgrades. For your convenience, we've compiled links to each of the posts after the jump.We already have some things in the works for 2007, but ...

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    Die, Die, Die! - Things that should be euthanized in 2007

    (Ed. - The views expressed in this post are those of Dan Roth and not Autoblog in general. Dan asked if he could channel the grumpy old man inside of him, and for better or worse, we took off his leash.)Our morning commute often gives us time to contemplate our navels, as the traffic engineers ...

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    VW recalling recent Passats in the US

    Volkswagen announced today that it is issuing two safety recalls for some 2006 and 2007 model year Passat sedans and some 2007 Passat wagons. According to the automaker's press release, the first recall affects some 2006 Passat sedans that have a wiper motor that could conk out in heavy rain from ...

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    eBraking cuts stopping distance 50%

    Could technology from an 18th century horse & buggy become the latest high-performance braking innovation? Back then, they used a wedge of wood to bring the wheel to a stop. Since then, we have been through several innovations in braking, with the latest being with multi-piston calipers, ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Axle swap, Part IV

    One of the goals of the Autoblog Project Garage posts is to give our readers some insight into the scope of various projects, including a sense of the amount of time it might take to complete a job given our usual variety of distractions. As a case in point, the first post concerning a rear-disc ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Axle swap, Part II

    With the axle disassembled in the previous installment of this project, it is now time to start putting things back together with fresh parts as needed. One surprise that we encountered during the tear-down of the axle was a significant amount of debris; namely, there was a lot of dirt inside the ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Axle swap, Part I

    Here's a great example of a project that has undergone a bit of "feature creep". Oh, it started innocently enough, with my wife asking if anything could be done to improve the brake feel of our 1996 Buick Roadmaster. Sure, I said - we can ditch the rear drum brakes, and install a set of discs ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part II

    With our transmission project on hold while we await the arrival of some parts, it was finally time to open up the large and heavy (81 pounds!) box of Kore3 brake parts that showed up on our doorstep about a month ago. We covered the selection process in Part I, and now it's time to dive in and ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance 201: Brake pad replacement, Part II

    In the first half of this particular write-up, we showed the basic process of replacing the front rotors and pads on a VW Jetta. Now we'll go ahead and hit the rear brakes, since the car is already up in the air and we're already covered up to our elbows in grease and brake fluid. We'll also go ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance 201: Brake pad replacement, Part I

    While many aspects of maintenance can be put off until the odometer rolls past 100K, odds are that you'll be doing some work on your vehicle's brakes long before then. Vehicles continue to get heavier and our highway speeds are ever-increasing, both of which put an incredible amount of strain on ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part 1

    Despite its 4200 lbs of "road-hugging mass", my '96 Chevrolet Impala SS manages to handle an autocross course with surprising grace and agility (that is, if one wants to apply such adjectives to an obnoxiously loud sedan that negotiates cones by frequent and well-timed applications of full opposite ...

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    April is National Car Care Month

    "Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional service technician," says Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, "National Car Care Month is the perfect time to focus on your vehicle's maintenance needs to make sure it is ready for the upcoming spring ...


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