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boy racer

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    Video: Vice documentary checks out the UK's real fast and furious in Boy Racer

    The most recent installment of the Fast & Furious franchise spent much of its time in London, and naturally that meant another one of those interchangeable nighttime party scenes with loud exhausts, loud paint jobs, loud music and loud attire. Vice magazine went to London to check out the ...

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    Hero or Villain? Kiwi bandit filling "boy racer" exhausts with expanding foam

    BRRRAAAAP! It's music to the ears of a subset of car nuts. Noisy exhaust setups are hardly a new phenomenon, but the fashion for mufflers that intentionally buzz as much as possible is a more recent development in the pantheon of annoying things others do. Exasperation with the muffler rap has led ...

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    Ford wants Mustangs to race in Europe, will face the Ford GT

    click above image to view high-res photos of the FR500C and FR500GT for your desktopAs we've said in the past, the Mustang is Ford's ace in the hole. The current model is a bonafide smash hit, being recognized and revered the world over. So it makes perfect sense that if fans in other parts of the ...


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