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    Video: Subaru boxers offer a different type of flat-four thrum

    If there's one number you'd associate with the Subaru Impreza, surely it'd be Four. Four generations, four doors, four-wheel drive, four cylinders in a boxer configuration. But in this Japanese market promo clip, Subaru has brought in another kind of boxer: the beat boxer. Bringing in performers ...

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    Video: Subaru uses a mime and a toy car to explain why it loves the boxer engine

    I will freely admit to struggling with why Subaru continues to stubbornly employ a boxer engine design while so few other automakers do the same. After all, with twice the number of cylinder heads and cams as a traditional inline four-cylinder engine, a boxer four is more complex, more expensive ...

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    2013 Porsche Cayman spotted in the wild

    It's no secret that Porsche is bringing the next-gen Cayman to the Los Angeles Auto Show. The automaker can tease us all they want with word of a "new compact sports car," but we know what the score is: the new Cayman is on the way, and we're ready for it. That said, no one has seen what the ...

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    Geneva 2011: Subaru's RWD Sports Car getting 2.0-liter non-turbo engine, confirmed for America

    Subaru Boxer Sports Car Architecture – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Peanut butter and jelly. Beer and brats. Wine and cheese. Subaru and all-wheel drive. It's true – Subaru has done an enviable job convincing Americans that its automobiles are synomous with all-wheel ...

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    Subaru's new 2.0-liter boxer: It's better, but does it matter?

    Subaru FB20 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru recently invited us to Budapest to get to know the 2011 European-spec Forester, which was... well, exactly what you'd expect (it was fine), but that's not the point here. What is important is the all-new "FB" engine under the ...

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    Video: Subaru 2.5-liter coffee table makes excellent Christmas gift, turbo sold separately

    Subaru flat-four coffee table has better 'Ring time than IKEA version – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Using an engine as the base for a table isn't new. Gearheads have been turning four, six, eight and even 12 cylinder mills into furniture for a long time. However, someone has ...

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    Subaru debuts third-generation boxer four-cylinder engine

    Subaru's Third-Generation Boxer Engine – Click above for high-res image
    Boxer lovers, the next chapter in your love affair has just begun. Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, has introduced the latest, third-generation boxer engine that will relieve the second-gen after 21 ...

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    Report: Next-gen boxer engine coming from Subaru this year

    According to Automotive News, Subaru is set to release a new, more fuel-efficient version of its boxer four-cylinder engine. The powerplant should be available in both 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter configurations and will be able to offer up a 10-percent boost in fuel economy over its predecessors. The ...

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    Bill proposed to keep NHTSA employees from getting automaker jobs for three years

    Toyota's very public recall problems have cast light on what critics suggest is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's sometimes cozy relationship with automakers. A new report in The Detroit News shows that new legislation is being proposed that aims to curb workers transitioning ...

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    Classified Ad Find of the Day: Former A.J. Foyt '84 Ferrari BB 512i

    1984 Ferrari 512 BBi formerly owned by A.J. Foyt - Click above for image gallery
    For many, it's a dream to own a Ferrari. For some, that alone is not enough. They need to own a specific Ferrari. We understand. We all have our favorites. Our man Jonny, for example, would probably agree to several ...

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    VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 sure doesn't sound like a boxer

    Toyota FT-86 Concept exhaust note – Click to watch the video after the jump
    Toyota garnered a lot of attention at this year's Tokyo Motor Show with the debut of the FT-86 concept. And they weren't about to let it slip past them, either. As part of the spectacle, they played the sounds of ...

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    Porsche considering return of four-cylinder engines

    The iconic 911 must be feeling like a bit of an outsider at Porsche. The German automaker keeps on throwing all sorts of different models into the mix to keep the 911 company, but the little rear-engined sportscar continues on as it always has. In recent years, Porsche has launched a mid-engined ...

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    Subaru RWD coupe will be sold worldwide, Toyota version only in Japan

    Inside Line is reporting that the new, RWD coupe being developed by Subaru and Toyota will only be sold as a Subaru in markets outside of Japan, while the Toyota version will remain exclusive to the Land of the Rising Sun. The report goes on to say that the coupe will be based off the Subaru ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Subaru's boxer diesel

    So we were all ready to start going over the technical details of Subaru's new turbo diesel boxer, but after digging through the PR materials, we realized they gave us bupkis. No power figures, no displacement information, not even what models they intend to shove the new mill into. L-A-M-E. ...

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    More on the Subaru Impreza's new look

    New Subaru Impreza renderings seem to be coming out of the woodwork as of late, and judging by the similarities between the magazine scan we brought you earlier in the week and these newest images courtesy of AutoExpress, either the artist is the same or the new nose and hatch design has been ...

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    Subaru diesel boxer to debut in Geneva

    We reported on Subaru's development of a boxer diesel way back in September, when Hiroyuki Ikeda, Subaru's Europe President, made the announcement at the Paris Motor Show. Now, we have a fixed date on when the oil-burner will be unveiled: March 6th, in Geneva.You can read Subaru's press release ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Subaru Legacy and Outback

    Click on either image to view our high-res gallery of the Legacy 3.0 R and Outback Subaru launched the 2008 Legacy and Outback models at the Detroit show, and while it's largely business as usual for the all-wheel-drive duo, there are a few revisions that the Subie fans amongst our readership ...

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    Murtaya Roadster: Turbo, AWD hotness

    When you mate Subaru's blown boxer and all-wheel-drive system to a lightweight body, only good things can come of it. The P2 from Prodrive has already proven that much. But, when another British racing firm creates their own bespoke machine, the hairs on the back of our neck stand at attention.The ...

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    Subaru's diesel boxer

    The design of the horizontally-opposed engine has a myriad of benefits. One of the most common is its compact design, which allows the center of gravity to be lower in the host vehicle. Additionally, since the boxer's pistons cancel out much of the vibration, the rotational balance is second to ...


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