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    Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan R.D:B.X Concept

    Click above image for more pictures of the Nissan Round Box The R.D:B.X... as in Round Box. Could this be a hint of what will replace the (currently) JDM only Nissan Cube? Japan's youth, who are already way too cool for the current model, let alone the Toyota Bb (Scion XB), should certainly hope ...

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    Are electronics making cars obsolete faster?

    If just about any part breaks on your 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, you could probably get a replacement from a hundred different outlets. If the black box goes out on your 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII, your car becomes little more than a giant paperweight. With the profusion of different cars and the ...

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    New York Auto Show: It's donktacular! RIDES does up a taxi, skyscraper style

    var digg_url =; Say that you're RIDES Magazine and you want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of taxi cab service in New York City - what to do? Simple - take a 1996 Crown Vic (arguably better looking than ...

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    New York Auto Show: Honda rocks the box with Element SC prototype

    Finally answering the cult of Element enthusiasts (hey, we know a few), Honda is set to rock its Box with a production version of SC prototype unveiled here in New York. Lowered three-inches on a sport suspension and seen here on 21" wheels and tires (245/35R21), the 2007 Element SC ...


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