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    Motorsports: Land Rover launches Defender Challenge by Bowler rally series

    Want to work your way up to Formula One? There are numerous feeder series you can start out with. Same goes for NASCAR, Indy, the World Rally Championship... just about every form of motorsport has its ladder to ascend. But Land Rover and its racing partner Bowler noticed a lack of a clear path ...

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    Video: Bowler EXR S vs Caterham Seven Supersport in spectacularly bizarre track battle

    The Bowler EXR S is a purpose-built SUV based on Land Rover bones with a 550-horsepower supercharged V8 designed to tackle off-road rallying events like the Paris-Dakar. The Caterham Seven Supersport is a feather-light track day weapon, purposely created to out-hustle just about anything on a ...

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    Video: Land Rover-based Bowler EXR-S looks, sounds insane

    Bowler has built a name for itself by constructing some very impressive rally bruisers built on Land Rover platforms. Now the company wants to take to the street with the new EXR-S. The road-legal version is currently undergoing testing, and Chris Harris managed to get his hands on the ...

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    Official: Land Rover and Bowler consummate their marriage

    They've had a long-distance romance for a while, now their relationship is official: Bowler and Land Rover have signed an agreement that gives LR more presence in the hardcore off-road arena and gives Bowler direct access to parts and engineering. The move isn't all that surprising: last year ...

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    Report: Bowler's first production rally-raider to cost nearly $250,000

    With some of the most ferocious high-speed off-road vehicles under its belt, Bowler is no stranger to conquering new territory. But its latest project is something entirely different for the British rally-raid racing firm. The company was recently purchased by Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP), ...

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    Rumormill: CPP buys Zagato?

    The UK-based coachbuilder Coventry Prototype Panels (otherwise known as CPP) has been on a buying spree, recently snatching up Bowler and the exotic car arm of Spyker. Now comes word that the company – owned by Vladamir Antonov – has added another automotive company to its growing ...

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    Bowler has big plans with former Land Rover chief engineer at the helm [UPDATE]

    Bowler is not a well-known automaker, and with good reason. Its vehicles, based on Land Rover mechanicals, aren't street legal. They're rally-raid off-road racing machines; Defenders Range Rovers* with an attitude. But Bowler has big plans, ushered in by new ownership and management. The ...

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    Bowler purchased by coachbuilder CPP

    2011 Bowler Nemesis – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Bowler is a company known for taking Land Rovers and turning into machines ready to handle the next jaunt to Dakar. The company responsible for vehicles like the Nemesis has just been purchased by the company responsibly for ...

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    300STR Wildcat kicks massive quantities of butt

    Qt Services Wildcat 300STR – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's just say, hypothetically, that you wanted to maintain a ridiculously high rate of speed over open terrain for extended periods of time. What would your vehicle of choice be? A Ford F-150 SVT Raptor? Not bad, but ...

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    New QT Wildcats promise tube-framed filthy good times

    QT Wildcat 500DKR - click above for high-res image gallery
    Quite a long time ago, we told you about the Bowler "Race" Rovers. As it turns out, about 18 months ago, these Race Rovers (actually called Wildcats) were sold to another British company, QT Services. The Wildcats have been busy: aside ...


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