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    Study: New US survey says diesel cost of ownership lower than gas

    It's cheaper to drive a diesel-powered vehicle than a gas-powered vehicle over the course of three to five years, according to a new study commissioned by Robert Bosch LLC – a company that makes plenty of diesel engine parts – using data compiled by The University of Michigan ...

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    Official: Meet the 701-hp Mazzanti Evantra

    If you've heard of upstart boutique supercar maker Mazzanti, we salute you. About a year ago, we brought you news of this small Italian firm, which then was under the name Faralli & Mazzanti. The creation was the Evantra, and as the name of the company has changed, so has the car. The ...

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    Report: China's Youngman to wage new bid for Saab

    Ladies and gentlemen, those of you preparing to leave the theater because you thought the Saab opera was over, well, take a seat. After sinking a fair bit of money into the troubled Swedish automaker while chasing the deal, Youngman isn't ready to walk away. According to Reuters, the Chinese firm ...

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    BMW 123d hanging out in Michigan

    Imagine, if you will, a compact rear-wheel-drive hatchback that runs from 0-62mph in a very respectable 6.9 seconds. Not too shabby. Now imagine that this same car could average 45 mpg (US)! Not possible, you say? Au contraire! In other parts of the world where they don't just use gasoline to power ...

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    New windscreen wipers, still boring

    Windscreen wiper blade designs have barely changed over the decades, but that doesn't mean they've reached the peak of their performance. One of the world's largest auto parts suppliers, Germany's Bosch, has developed a new wiper blade that can adjust itself to perfectly complement the shape of ...

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    Bosch produces 150 Millionth electronic brake control system

    Bosch has been a pioneer in many of the technologies that make modern cars as capable as they are today, and the company has just recently produced its 150 millionth electronic brake control system. In 1978, the very first electronically controlled anti-lock brake system developed by Bosch appeared ...

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    Bosch Stop-Start system available on new BMW 1-series

    European shoppers interested in BMW's new 1-series will now be able to have the car with a stop-start system provided by Bosch. The new system is quite simple, and the only change required to the existing engine offerings (both gasoline and diesel) is a different starter motor. According to Bosch, ...

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    Vintage Tech: The Granddaddy of EFI

    Every car on the road now has fuel injection. There was no real battle royale between electronic systems and mechanical, though both flavors saw plenty of development. Rochester's Ramjet system was effective and quite slick, contained in a special intake manifold. Bosch had K-Jetronic which was a ...

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    Another parking nanny, this one by Bosch

    As a woman, I find the various gadgets making it easier to operate your everyday automobile fascinating. A sensor to check your blind spot for you? Brilliant. Adaptive suspension? Perfect for more sophisticated drivers. But even more fascinating, however, is the subsequent impact upon the "guy ...

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    Honda: high tech means low profits

    Michiyoshi Hagino, a Senior Managing Director at Honda Motor, sees profit margins inevitably falling as vehicles incorporate more and more advanced technologies to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. More efficient gasoline engines, clean diesels and hybrid powertrains are all driving ...

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    Bosch and Getrag team up for hybrid systems

    The Bosch Group and the Getrag Group announced Tuesday that they will partner to develop and market parallel hybrid systems to provide a near-turnkey hybrid solution to automakers.In a parallel hybrid solution, the electric motor is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. Under the ...

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    Automakers, suppliers meet to discuss diesel plans

    The aptly named Diesel Forecast is reporting on a diesel technology discussion involving BMW, Volvo, Audi, and Bosch, and the path that each may take to address the increasingly-stringent emission requirements in the U.S. and in Europe. BMW, for its part, does not envision bringing over diesels to ...

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    From Russia with love (by way of Germany): The Rousseau-Balt Impression!

    Alright. So we’re a little shaky on our Russian, but we know an eye-catching piece of road sculpture when we see one. Enter the Rousseau-Balt Impression, a German conceived custom teardrop throwback with a heart of gold Mercedes. To be revealed today at the Concorso d'.Eleganza Villa ...

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    Bosch launches new tri-fuel injection system

    With the future of automotive fuels a bit less certain, Bosch is hedging its bets and will offer a tri-fuel version of its NG-Motronic engine management system. Operating on gasoline, natural gas, or ethanol, the system will allow on-the-fly switching between each of different fuel ...

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    Union threatens strikes at DaimlerChrysler, Porsche, Bosch

    German engineering union IG Metall will start "warning strikes" at DaimlerChrylser, Porsche and Bosch plants in southwestern Germany, beginning March 1. Such token job actions by German unions are often used as a bargaining lever with companies before launching full-blown strikes.IG ...


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