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    Report: 2009 Kia Borrego recalled over brake pedal issue

    Kia is warning owners of its 2009 Borrego (all 21,912 of them) that the SUV's brake pedal mounts could present a problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall action, the mounts are made of a "fiberglass composition" that could fracture in an accident. This ...

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    Report: No 2010 Kia Borrego, model's future uncertain

    2009 Kia Borrego – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There really isn't anything wrong with the Kia Borrego. When compared directly to its intended competition, the big, boxy, body-on-frame SUV is both attractive and fully class competitive, as we learned the first time we got any ...

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    SEMA 2008: Kia Borrego Limited Concept does its best Escalade impression

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Kia Borrego Limited SEMA Concept
    With the Escalade on the ropes, it looks like Kia might step in to rescue all those lovers of blacked-out blinged-up chromed-out big-wheeled SUVs. The metallic black Borrego Limited Concept that debuted at SEMA today gets ...

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    Detroit 2008: Kia Borrego arrives at the wrong time

    click above for more high-res live shots of the 2009 Kia BorregoPerhaps the biggest news about the Kia Borrego is that it marks the introduction of a V8 to the Korean automaker's powertrain arsenal. On the other hand, maybe we're just power-addled. Lobbing an entry into the midsize-SUV arena, Kia ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Kia Mohave/Borrego launches in Korea

    We've already seen some undisguised pictures of Kia's handsome new midsize SUV, but the vehicle just launched officially in Korea as the Mohave. Official launch means official pictures, and that's what we have here, a ton of really beautiful images of what we'll soon know as the Borrego. Not that ...

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    Detroit '08 Preview: Kia Borrego drops in for some egg nog

    click above image for high-res gallery of the Kia BorregoIt's that time of year again when people call up all their friends and invite them over for some holiday cheer and the car makers are no exception. Kia Motors kicked off the festivities the other night with a little gathering at the Museum of ...

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    Detroit '08 Preview: Kia names new SUV the Borrego

    Kia has slapped a name on the production body-on-frame SUV born from the 2005 Mesa concept. Dubbed "Borrego," the truck will be offered with V6 or V8 power and have a grille that looks uncannily similar to the one on the Subaru Tribeca. Its headlights are reminiscent of the pre-facelift Chrysler ...


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