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    BorgWarner aquires Haldex

    The world of automotive suppliers has gotten a bit smaller as Auburn Hills, MI-based BorgWarner has acquired Haldex. BorgWarner says its acquisition cost $205 million, and that the paperwork should be signed, sealed and delivered in the first quarter of 2011. You may recall the name Haldex as a ...

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    BorgWarner to supply turbos for Ford's V8 diesels

    UPDATE: According to Ford, BorgWarner has been supplying turbos to International for the F-series since this time last year. Automotive News apparently mistook an old press release for a new product announcement.BorgWarner has won the bid to begin supplying International Engine with a turbocharger ...

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    BorgWarner builds a better DSG

    BorgWarner's dual-clutch DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission systems have been showing up in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles since 2003. The system utilizes two clutches to select gears, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted power delivery. The clutches are electro-hydraulically actuated, allowing ...

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    Direct-injection, turbo'd motors to reproduce like bunnies

    According to the folks at BorgWarner, the number of turbocharged, direct-injection engines will increase four-fold by 2011. In 2006, approximately 500,000 vehicles were equipped with the technological duo, and based on their market projections, over two million such engines will be on the road in ...

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    BorgWarner gets tapped to provide AWD system for Avenger

    Following on the heels of the successful AWD adaptation of the Chrysler Pacifica, Borg Warner has been tapped once again to outfit the Sebring and Avenger models with all-wheel motiviation. The Borg will supply the hardware as well as the electronic controls and support for integrating the system ...

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    Low-cost dual-clutch tranny, on the way

    Dual-clutch transmissions are viewed as an improvement over current automatic and auto-manual transmission technologies. Here in the US, we tend to look at the use of the technology by VW as a performance enhancement, primarily. It is a marriage of the directness of a manual transmission with the ...


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