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    Video: L.L. Bean celebrates century of mucking about with Bootmobile [w/video]

    The L.L.Bean Bootmobile is perhaps the diametric opposite of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, promoting outdoor activity instead of consumption of sodium and saturated-fat-laden sausages. The well-known maker of high quality outdoor goods is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and the Bootmobile has ...

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    Booted Bugatti Veyron proof that nobody is safe from the recession

    The booted Bugatti - click above for a gallery of before-and-after images
    To their credit, the police in Slovakia evidently make no exceptions for €1.1 million supercars. There are supposedly two Bugatti Veyrons registered in the European country, and this one is said to belong to Ladislav ...

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    Das Boot: One man's crusade against injustice

    It's time for another installment of Carsumer Advocacy. We won't go into the nitty gritty details of this one, as it's spread across a 61-page forum post on VW Vortex. The basic gist is that a guy moved into a house in a nice neighborhood. Said neighborhood then started a Home Owners Association ...

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    Carry more in your convertible ... in a bag on your trunk

    The English take their convertibles seriously. They also take their road tripping seriously. Put the two together and, as far as luggage room goes, you usually come up with a very short short jaunt or heading to a destination that doesn't require much clothing. Well, as Darwin found, there is no ...


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