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    Recalls: Graco adding 403K carseats to recall, NHTSA pushing for 1.8 million

    Graco, the carseat manufacturer that recalled 3.8 million toddler and booster seats back in February has just added an extra 403,000 seats to its recall. That's arguably not the big news, though - the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants a further 1.8 million infant seats added to ...

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    Study: Overweight children no less safe in their car seats

    As any parent will tell you, not all children are the same. Some are tall, some are short. Some are slim, and some are... less slim, if you catch our politically correct drift. This raises an interesting question: Do overweight children need specifically engineered safety seats? According to a ...

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    Video: Inflatable car seat is cheap, convenient... but is it safe?

    Just about every time we go through airport security, we notice there is at least one family that has to lug their bulky car seat through the airport, dropping a trail of Cheerio crumbs as they go. And then there is the coworker in your lunch carpool that has a kid, which means everyone must ...

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    That's Rich: Bentley accessories include self-leveling wheel hubs, ridiculous baby seat

    Bentley Accessories Collection – Click either image for high-res image gallery
    If you're riding in a Bentley, you're not about to spec it up with gear off the shelf from the local Pep Boys, now are you? Of course not. That's why Bentley has come out with a line of equipment especially made ...


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