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7Motorbooks hits the road with new store on wheels

The bookmobile may be just another extinct wheeled Mastodon to the generation just coming of age. For them, untold reams of information have been always been available in little more than an instant, right in the palms of their hot little hands. There was a time before devices and digital connectivity, though, when those analog masterpieces known as books were how knowledge got around, and bookmobiles served as rolling libraries for many communities. Automotive niche publisher Motorbooks is brin

4SAE launches new bookstore and e-Books for on-the-go engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers has decided to apply the same forward thinking to its web site it has to its information. Borrowing ideas from the iTunes Store and Amazon, the SAE has revamped its bookstore for easier navigation and added an eBook store for engineers on the go.

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