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    Toyota conspiracy theorists have it wrong We're becoming a nation of conspiracy addicts. It's not just the shots fired at the Kennedy motorcade from the grassy knoll in Dallas. These days it seems just about everything is up for some wide-eyed explanation, often pointing to some wicked government ...

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    Chicago 2010: Refreshed Toyota Avalon "boldly redesigned" to look exactly like predecessor

    2011 Toyota Avalon – Click above for high-res gallery
    Perhaps the only 'surprise' at this year's Chicago Auto Show thus far has been the appearance of Toyota's refreshed-for-2011 Avalon sedan. According to this morning's presentation, even the automaker itself debated ...

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    Dismal April motivates Toyota to increase production and incentives

    With April's sales volume down over 41% and Ford pushing it aside in the numbers race, the Toyota division is motivated to move units in May. At the request of dealers, the automaker is boosting production of its best-selling Toyota Camry and popular RAV4 SUV. In addition, a new ad campaign, called ...

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    Toyota may renew "Saved by Zero" no-interest loans

    Toyota is reportedly having great success giving away money with their 0% loans. According to Bob Carter, general manager of the Toyota Division, the "Saved by Zero" ad campaign is building traffic and may be renewed when the program expires on November 3 (of course, he won't tell us now because ...


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