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    Report: Ex-Chrysler CEO Nardelli exits Cerberus

    When Cerberus Capital Management owned Chrysler, it put former CEO Bob Nardelli in charge of The Pentastar. When Nardelli left, shortly after Chrysler came out of bankruptcy, he stepped across the corporate drawbridge and into a role at Cerberus, heading its Operations and Advisory Company. Now, ...

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    Report: Former Chrysler CEO Nardelli backpedals on bailout comments

    Former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli has performed a curt about face on his comments about the Obama Administration's handling of the auto bailout. The Detroit News reports that Nardelli said that he believes the administration made the correct decision for Chrysler in an email to the publication. ...

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    Report: Nardelli "laments all the time" that Cerberus lost Chrysler

    The Detroit News reports that former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli believes that the Obama Administration didn't need to hand the automaker to Fiat in order for the company to continue on. Instead, Nardelli says that a private equity firm could have easily taken the reins and steered the company back ...

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    Ex-Chrysler head Bob Nardelli to chair Dunder Mifflin Ohio paper company

    We haven't heard much from Bob Nardelli since he and his Cerberus buddies rode off into the sunset last year in the wake of the Chrysler bankruptcy. Having proved pretty conclusively that he and his team were incapable of running a large automotive enterprise, Nardelli has apparently managed to ...

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    Officially Official: Chrysler exiting bankruptcy, Fiat steps in and makes changes immediately

    Fiat now owns a big chunk of Chrysler. Officially. Soon after the Supreme Court gave it the go-ahead, the sale of Chrysler to Fiat was complete. Altogether, the deal took just 42 days. With a couple of signatures and a wire transfer Wednesday morning, the sale was official. Fiat gets most of ...

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    Congressional letter alleges Nardelli and Chrysler failed to disclose more lucrative offer for Viper

    In a letter from California Congressman Darrell Issa to Chrysler's Bob Nardelli, the Auburn Hills executive is charged with failing to disclose information regarding the sale of the Dodge Viper line. According to the letter obtained by Autoblog from a source close to the situation, the Republican ...

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    Nardelli apologizes for mistakenly saying plant will remain open

    There are some things about which you never want to misspeak. Your wife's birthday, your child's age and we can now add plant closings to that list. On the day Chrysler LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, CEO Robert Nardelli was on the phone with Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and the state's ...

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    Breakdown of Chrysler's Big Day [w/POLL]

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    It's not often your company both files for bankruptcy and gets new owners in a single day, but that's just what happened to Chrysler today. We've had some time to digest all the details after President Obama's press conference at noon, and here's what we ...

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    That was fast: Chrysler and Fiat agree on partnership framework of a global alliance

    Not long after the President concluded his televised press conference today, Chrysler released a statement saying that it and Fiat have already reached an "agreement on a framework of a global alliance". The President announced that the U.S. government would supply Chrysler with sufficient capital ...

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    VIDEO: Chrysler's Nardelli makes case for "Why Fiat Works"

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    To go along with the email that was sent to Chrysler employees, CEO Bob Nardelli is now starring in his very own video where he continues to extol the virtues of a partnership with Fiat. After stating that Chrysler is clearly a viable company on a ...

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    Chrysler values Fiat partnership at $10 billion

    In an email to employees, Chrysler Corp. CEO Bob Nardelli has valued his company's potential partnership with Fiat at around $10 billion. That number is comprised of things like the cost of developing new vehicles that Chrysler would incur on its own, but should pocket in a tie-up with Fiat, which ...

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    How much does Nardelli really earn? Could be much more than $1

    The president decreed that CEOs running banks that received TARP funds couldn't be paid more than $500,000 each year. Chrysler isn't a bank, yet it has received TARP funds, and its CEO, Bob Nardelli, is well under the $500,000. Or at least, he might be. During recent Congressional hearings Nardelli ...

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    Nardelli confirms Chrysler hard at work on new Durango, 300 and Charger

    Chrysler chieftan Bob Nardelli sent a letter to "all employees, dealers, suppliers and other stakeholders" to explain what's happening at the smallest of the Detroit trio. Everything done now falls under one of three umbrellas: enhancing the core, which is improving products, quality, and dealer ...

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    GM gets its $4 billion, Chrysler still waiting

    On Monday, December 29, Chrysler and General Motors were supposed to get the first installments of its allotted funds from the $17.4 billion dollar bridge loans. On Wednesday, GM got it's $4 billion. Chrysler, on the other hand, is still "finalizing the details of our financial assistance." The ...

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    One down, one to go: Detroit 3 CEOs begin House testimony

    Having watched each of the Detroit 3 CEOs take tough questions from the Senate Banking Committee for six hours yesterday, we've returned to the couch today to watch General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli and Ron Gettelfinger, President of the United Auto ...

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    Nardelli: I would sacrifice my job to save Chrysler

    During today's Senate hearings of the Detroit 3 automakers, U.S. Senator Robert Bennett (R-Utah) spent much of his time on the mic talking about the cost savings that would be realized if General Motors and Chrysler LLC merged. He argued that prior talks held between the two companies has already ...

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    Wagoner arrives for Senate hearing in Volt mule

    General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner has arrived in Washington to deliver testimony at Senate hearings scheduled for today and tomorrow, and as we reported late yesterday, his transportation this time was not a private jet, but rather a series hybrid Chevy Volt mule in the body of a Chevy Cruze. Ford ...

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    SNL takes on the Detroit 3 bailout

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    Saturday Night Live has been on a roll of late, with a string of strong skits centered around the Presidential election and the ongoing financial crisis. So it was only a matter of time before SNL took on the auto industry to task, using last week's ...

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    Chrysler CEO Nardelli responds to GM announcing merger talks are off

    Chrysler LLC just released a statement from Bob Nardelli in which the CEO responds, in a way, to General Motors' third quarter earnings report. In the report, GM acknowledged that it had "recently explored the possibility of a strategic acquisition". While not citing Chrysler by name, we all know ...

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    Bob Nardelli to Employees: We're cutting 25% of remaining white-collar jobs

    "These are truly unimaginable times for our industry." That's how Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli, starts off a recent email to employees, just before dropping the bomb that the automaker intends to cut 25% of its salaried workforce beginning next month and continuing through the end of the ...


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