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22Toyota trades miles for knots with new Ponam-35 boat

Toyota doesn't just make crafts for landlubbers. The Japanese automaker is venturing into the ocean, and this isn't the first time that Toyota engineers have put on life jackets. In the late 90's, Toyota tried its hand at building a boat targeted at towable watersports enthusiasts. The Toyota Epic was a Lexus-engined ski boat that was built for a few years before the automaker backed away in 2001. Now, Toyota is ready to head to sea with a very different type of craft.

AddEco Marine Power says solar panel sails will make waves in the future

The invisible winds have long enabled ships to cross vast seas, but it just can't match fuel for speed and power when you're trying to move tons of freight from continent to continent. Now, Eco Marine Power says it's time to turn back the clock. Well, sort of.

4Spyker by sea? Sylvestri Aquamotive

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Silvestris Sports Cabriolet

AddEPA sets tough new emissions standards for lawn, boat engines

Photo by Rustybuckets. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

21Corvette boat updated to C6-spec

Once you've got a Corvette, what's left? Why, a boat, of course! You're not going to want to step out of your C6 into some aluminum row boat with a 5-horsepower Evinrude hung off the back. A 2-stroke buzz can't hold a candle to the barrel-chested rumble of an LS V8. Malibu Boats has introduced its latest Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V speedboat to solve your problem. The Corvette's most prominent styling cues have been lifted from the car and rendered in V-hull form. There's authentic Corvette

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