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    ETC: Boatpack box puts a sailing vessel on your roof

    Roof-mounted carriers are perfect for adding a little extra cargo capacity when heading off on a road trip, but an Australian company has come up with an innovative way to take advantage of this device when not in use. When not needed to carry cargo, the Boatpack becomes a small, lightweight ...

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    Video: North Carolina trying to stop female boaters from flashing adjacent highway

    Here's a slightly different sort of distracted driving. Over in North Carolina, buoys are being installed in a stretch of Lake Norman along Interstate 77 in an effort to reduce traffic slow-ups in the area. The problem? As the weather gets warmer, boaters are docking along the stretch where the ...

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    Video: Van, boat and RV combine to make water sports more awesome

    When one needs to transport a large powerboat great distances, it presents a rather wasteful problem. See, you have plenty of livable space on the boat, but said boat is up on a trailer, thus one must either tow one's craft with a large RV or stay in hotels. The owner of this... thing evidently ...


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