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    Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne steps down from UBS bank board

    Sergio Marchionne with fellow board members at a UBS press conference
    Sergio Marchionne is one of the busiest people in the business. Or any business, for that matter. After comprehensively restructuring his empire – what amounts to nearly the entire Italian automobile industry and then ...

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    Chrysler fills out board of directors

    The new Chrysler Group, LLC is out of bankruptcy, in bed with the Italians and the U.S. Government, and now it has a complete board of directors. Chrysler is forging ahead with a fresh group of board members, including former governors, Fiat royalty, and some people you've probably never heard ...

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    GM chairman looking to turn over half of board of trustees by June?

    According to the Detroit Free Press, General Motors interim chairman, Kent Kresa, has been asked by president Obama's administration to replenish the automaker's board with fresh blood. Kresa said that while the board did achieve "historic things" recently, like renegotiating the UAW pay scale, he ...

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    UAW local wants seat on GM board in exchange for concessions

    Looking to further tighten up its hammerlock on General Motors, the UAW would reportedly like a seat on the automaker's board as a reward for helping it garner federal dollars. Marc McQuillen, president of UAW Local 2404 in Charlotte, North Carolina, has posted on his group's website that the ...

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    Wolfgang Porsche joins VW board

    Porsche has been in the news quite a bit over the past few weeks. While one hand is embroiled in an emissions tax battle with the Mayor of London, the other hand is slowly scooping up shares of Volkswagen.In related news, Porsche Chairman Wolfgang Porsche was nominated today to the Volkswagen ...

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    Porsche ups ownership in VW to 51%

    The supervisory board of Volkswagen Group just gave approval for Porsche AG to take a majority stake in the people's automaker. Porsche currently owns 31% of Volkswagen, and this move will ultimately increase that share to 51%. The increase in ownership is estimated to cost Porsche upwards of $20 ...

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    Jim Press gains a seat on Toyota's board of directors

    Jim Press, the man at the helm of Toyota Motor North America, is set to become the first non-Japanese member of Toyota's board of directors. He is currently a managing officer of the company, but when promoted the title on his desk will read "Senior Managing Director". That desk will be shipped to ...


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