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    More details on BMW's rumored X4 swirling about

    2010 BMW X6M – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The good people at AutoExpress are doing their best to fan the flames of the BMW X4 rumors. The site claims to have snagged a bevy of information on the Bavarian brand's product plans, including a more detailed account of what we can ...

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    Report: BMW not ruling out X4M

    The automotive landscape must be stacked to the sky with kindling right now. It seems like it takes little more than a spark of interest in one odd duckling of a model to create a wildfire of a new segment. From the monsoon of crossovers currently drowning our fair nation's freeways to weird ...

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    Report: BMW X4 back on the table?

    Were you, like us, just thinking that BMW's U.S. lineup would be fully complete if only it had just one more crossover utility Sports Activity Vehicle that slotted in somewhere between the small X3 and midsize X5? If so, we have good news. Just such a vehicle – logically and tentatively ...

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    X2 might be out, but BMW could be planning an X4

    BMW has been aggressively expanding its vehicle offerings, and like most other automakers, crossovers make up the majority of additions. Earlier this year, team Bimmer added the X6, and with the X1 concept unveiled in Paris, mild-to-wild CUVs seem to be the focus for the boys in Bavaria. Automotive ...

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    Spy Shots: 2010 BMW X4 crossover

    Okay, this is getting kind of strange. Like German rival Audi, BMW appears to be on the verge of offering a full range of CUV/SUV models to match every automotive model in their lineup. What you see in this photo (larger version over at Winding Road) is rumored to be an early test mule for an ...


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