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    Rumormill: Aluminum and carbon fiber, KERS-equipped BMW M5 cometh?

    What does the future have in store for BMW's high-performance M division? For starters, lots and lots of power, along with a smattering of light weight and plenty of cutting-edge technology. This all sounds familiar, but the rumored details coming out of Bimmerfile suggest that the 2011 BMW M5 ...

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    BMW creates an M5 CSL, and no, you can't have it

    BMW M5 CSL - Click above for image gallery
    To celebrate 25 years of the M5, BMW has created a one-off version of the E60 super saloon that Albert Biermann, head of BMW's M division calls, "the M5 CSL we never built." The transformation began with a modified version of the standard M5's 5.0-liter ...


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