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    Spy Shots: Production Hyundai Genesis Sedan

    What do you get when you cross a Lexus LS460 and and a BMW 5-Series (plus a healthy dollop of Toyota Crown -Ed.)? You get what appears to be the production Hyundai Genesis sedan. The front end looks as though it was ripped right off of the most expensive Lexus, with a strikingly similar set of ...

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    BMW recalling 5 and 6-series, X5s due to stalling

    The NHTSA has announced a recall of nearly 30,000 2006 and 2007 X5, 5-Series, and 6-Series models equipped with the 4.8L V8 engine due to a stalling issue. The reason for the recall is that low temperatures coupled with dry conditions can create a static discharge in the fuel line, which interrupts ...

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    Cadillac nixing the barges, introducing new BRX CUV and RWD sedans

    For eons, the image of a Cadillac ingrained into our minds was that of an XL cruiser wafting down the highway consuming asphalt and small rodents without complaint. That perspective is set to change, as Cadillac plans to drop the slow-selling STS and DTS models, and instead focus its efforts on ...

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    China getting Long Wheelbase BMW 5-Series

    BMW is set to debut a new stretched wheelbase version of its 5-Series sedan at the Chinese Auto Show next month. The Peking show will see the introduction of 530Li, 525Li and 523Li versions of the midsize Bimmer. Developed specifically for the Chinese businessman, it should combine traditional BMW ...


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