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    Review: 2010 BMW 335i Sedan is what we've been missing

    2010 BMW 335i Sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We like to think of ourselves as a voice of the people – a place for the proletariat of the interwebs who clamor for an honest take on the latest automotive hardware. To that end, we've always viewed the constant stream of fawning ...

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    GSR Autosport BMW 350R: Part III - Testing, tuning and qualifying

    GSR Autosport BMW 350R – Click above to watch the progress of the build
    Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship series. Autoblog has been invited behind-the-scenes with GSR Autosport, and their driver Michael Essa, as the team builds, tests and ...

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    GSR Autosport BMW 350R: Part II - We decimate a 335i and a Formula Drift racecar materializes

    GSR Autosport BMW 350R – Click above to watch the progress of the build
    Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship series. Autoblog has been invited behind-the-scenes with GSR Autosport, and their driver Michael Essa, as the team builds, tests ...

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    Report: BMW to launch 335iS coupe to slot in above new 335i, below M3

    2011 BMW 335i – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Now that BMW has replaced the twin-turbo 335i with the new twin-scroll, direct injection model, the question everyone's been asking – and by everyone, we mean Bimmer fanatics – is what will happen to the outgoing N44 ...

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    2011 BMW 3 Series coupe and convertible get refreshed, 335i gets single turbo

    2011 BMW 3 Series – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The next-generation BMW 3 Series isn't that far off, with the sedan expected to debut sometime in 2011 as a 2012 model. Yet the Munich brand isn't sitting on its hands in the meantime – the current 3 Series coupe and ...

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    ATT Autotechnik drops BMW 335i Doppelturbo-Cabriolet

    ATT Autotechnik Doppelturbo-Cabriolet - click above for high-res image gallery
    This is the problem: According to ATT Autotechnik -- the M3 Convertible is so good, why bother with any other 3 Series convertibles? And they have a point... until now! Meet ATT's new Doppleturbo-Cabriolet. What ...

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    REPORT: Evidence mounting that 2010 Audi S4 is underrated

    To many people, Audi is replacing BMW as the go-to yuppie-mobile of choice. For one thing, Walter de'Silva's designs are almost universally lauded (Q7 notwithstanding) whereas the new crop of Bangled Bimmers are... controversial to put it as nicely as humanly possible. But it's not just down to ...

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    REPORT: BMW to release 3 Series hatch similar to 5 Series GT

    BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Wagons are apparently so outre that we're now seeing mish-mash vehicles like crossovers hiding the truth that, at their core, they're just wagons. BMW is no stranger to this – witness the recent 5 Series GT. Looking to ...

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    BMW Performance to offer power kit for twin-turbo'd 3.0-liter

    When the BMW 335i arrived in 2007, tuners jumped at the chance to boost the boosted 3.0-liter inline-six. After a few ECU tweaks, the new 3 series was putting out an additional 70-80 hp and a commensurate increase in torque, and once the 135i and 535i arrived, the market grew ...

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    BMW owners claim software update degrades performance

    BMW's N54 engine has won the International Engine of the Year award for the past two straight years. It has also been listed as one of Ward's 10 Best Engines during the same period. The engine produces 306 hp and 295 ft-lbs of torque in a 3.0L inline six package thanks to the use of twin Mitsubishi ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3-Series facelift

    For those fond of delving deep into E90 minutiae, these are the best shots yet showing off the subtle changes coming to the BMW 3-series. For the rest of us, the tweaks are largely inconsequential. World Car Fans has unearthed some of the clearest shots yet, and the change that most people will ...

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    VIDEO: WebridesTV pits the BMW M3 against the Dinan 335i

    Click above to view the shoot-out between the BMW M3 and the Dinan 335i.This is a head-to-head battle we've been waiting to see: BMW's new M3 versus a Dinan-tuned 335i coupe. But we're only going to talk numbers and let the video tell the tale.The BMW 335i has proven itself as a credible player in ...

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    Audi A5 convertible coming in 2009

    We reported exactly one year ago today that an Audi A5 convertible was in the works. Word's out now that the upcoming drop-top will be manufactured in Neckarsulm, a city in northern Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The Audi RS 4 will be the new A5 vert's assembly line buddy at this plant. The new ...

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    Dinan gets around to offering ECU upgrade for BMW's 335i

    Dinan, renowned tuners of all things from the propeller people, have finally decided to offer an ECU upgrade for owners of BMW's delectable 335i. The reflashed upgrade necessitates the installation of either BMW's or Dinan's oil cooler, but once the Bimmer's brain is reprogrammed, throttle response ...

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    Japanese makes dominate Consumer Reports Car Owner Satisfaction Survey

    Consumer Reports released its Car Owner Satisfaction Survey results and brands hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun accounted for nearly half of the winners. Toyota took 10 of the top 39 spots, including the Prius, where nine-out-of-ten owners said they'd buy it again given the chance. U.S. ...

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    Vote for CNET's Tech Car of the Year

    In case you somehow hadn't noticed(?!), it's not only deer and turkey season, it's also automotive award season. And here's yet another trophy for those keeping track of all of them. wants you to help decide their 2006 Tech Car of the Year Award winner. They've done the hard work and ...


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