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    Marketing 101: Make stuff up, make it visible - BMW's subtle 1-Series shilling

    Marketing campaigns are always in search of a new hook, and BMW's gotten creative to help keep the 1-Series on boil. Readers of the March 24th edition of Autoweek were treated to a smattering of tiny-Roundel factoids at the bottom of the mag's pages. Some of them might be true, while others seem ...

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    BMW considering tii version of the next 3-series?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the BMW Concept 1-Series tiiOf all the BMW 2002s still on the road, the tii models have remained the most highly prized. The combination of lightweight parts, Kugelfisher mechanical fuel injection and upgraded braking and suspension components made it the ...

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    BMW bringing aero kit for the 1-series to Geneva, tii variant rumored

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the BMW 1-series tii concept.Among the assorted wares BMW will be showing off in Geneva, the Bavarian boys will also be displaying a complete accessories package for the 1-series that includes a number of the aerodynamic features we've seen already.According to ...


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