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    Mercedes planning 1-series rival in 2011

    It's no secret that the Mercedes-Benz A-class hasn't been a resounding success and that the automaker is looking to revamp its entry-level line-up to better compete with rivals. According to Autocar, M-B boss Dieter "Dr. Z" Zetsche has green-lighted a new model that's taking aim at the BMW 1-series ...

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    VIDEO: BMW 1-series looks pretty good on paper

    BMW has definitely ramped up its marketing for the launch of the new 1-series coupe. We've already seen the fruits of its advertising partners' ingenuity on the cover of Vice magazine, and today we've been tipped off on the attached video. In it, you'll see a group of agency types assemble a ...

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    Rampenfest to rock mythical town of Oberpfaffelbachen for literal launch of BMW 1-Series

    Click above for a few images leading up to Rampfest.As jaded pseudo-journalists, viral marketing campaigns have lost some of their grimy allure over the last few years. But BMW's latest attempt to get the masses pumped about the imminent launch of the 1-series coupe in the U.S. has so much ...

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    BMW Canada sets Vice magazine aglow

    Magazines and ads are forever tied at the hip. After all, without the latter, the former can't exist. A magazine's front cover is one of the few spots left that's devoid of commercial encroachment -- until now. BMW Canada and Vice magazine have managed to give the 1-series top billing in the April ...

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    Geneva 2008: BMW 1-Series accesories not carbon neutral

    Click the image above for more hi-res shots of the carbon-heavy BMW 1-Series performance partsP. T. Barnum already answered how many people you could fit in an itty bitty car. BMW is now trying to figure out how much carbon you can fit into the same. The BMW 1-Series performance parts will keep ...

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    VIDEO: More 1-Series goodness

    click image above to view videoThe BMW 1-Series looks like it's going to be a well-placed shot in the arm for BMW. The sporty coupe will hit the scene in the U.S. just as Americans are becoming more interested in rear-wheel-drive vehicles again. And it's also a small car in a time when buyers are ...

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    VIDEO: BMW 1-Series spot - creation by precision

    The BMW 1-Series is on the verge of being sold here in the U.S., which means the multimedia blitz is on its way. With automakers getting more creative to capture buyers attention, spots are getting more high tech, and less reality based. BMW brass have recognized the trend, and the end result is a ...

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    1-Series on BMW website with official pricing

    The 1-Series has officially joined BMW's line up in the United States, having finally been added to the brand's official website. Along with its place among the Ultimate Driving Machines online, the 1-Series also gets officially pricing, which turns out to be exactly what we thought it would be. ...

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    2008 BMW 1-Series are special, receive engraved start-stop buttons

    Europeans have been privy to luxury small cars for decades, but since gasoline has always been much cheaper here in the States, we've been stuck with mostly unathletic luxury barges. Three dollar per gallon gasoline is changing that paradigm quickly, and smaller high-end vehicles are finally ...

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    BMW 1-series coupe M-sport package for Euro-only diesels

    Buyers abroad who've opted to equip their BMW 1-series coupe with diesel power now have the option to smack down a few euros on the table for some M-sport kit. The 120d and 123d models can now pack the same visual punch as the 135i, complete with M-specific 17-inch alloys wrapped in 205/50 rubber ...

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    BMW expects to sell 20,000 1-series coupes annually

    Since it's launch in 2004, BMW has sold 470,000 1-series models throughout the world, and with the upcoming 1-series coupe, the automaker expects those numbers to increase, particularly when U.S. sales begin at the end of this month.According to a report by Thomson Financial, the coupe alone should ...

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    BMW expect rising fuel costs to spur 1-series sales

    You've heard this shtick before, but with oil prices hitting record highs – again – most automakers are making a play at bringing more frugal offerings to market. In the case of BMW though, we're a bit disjointed on the idea. Sure, the 1-series is the company's second best seller in ...

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    BMW to show 1-series based concept in Tokyo

    Over the course of the last few weeks, we've been constantly updating our comprehensive list of debuts slated for the Tokyo Motor Show, but one glaring omission continually jumped out at us: BMW. We know they'll be showing off the M3 Sedan, but it was rumored that something else would grace the ...

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    Hyundai sports car concept coming to LA Auto Show, along with 14 world debuts

    When the dust settles at the Los Angeles auto show next month, at least 14 world debuts will have taken place, along with 30 North America unveilings. Amidst the premiers, expect to see a concept version of Hyundai's new RWD sports car (also to be shown in London), along with Nissan's restyled ...

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    Officially Official: BMW 1-Series Convertible

    Click on above image for the hi-res gallery of the 2007 BMW 1-Series Convertible Though the 1-Series will be BMW's smallest and cheapest model, the Bavarian brand isn't skimping on the car that huge numbers of people are anticipating. A portion of those people can't wait for a drop top version, and ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: BMW 1-series in-depth

    Click the image above for a host of live high-res pics of the BMW 1-series.Of all the vehicles that made their debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, one will likely have more impact on North American enthusiasts than any other. The BMW 1-series is outfitted with nearly everything your average ...

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    Spring 2008: Arrival date for BMW 1-Series

    The upcoming BMW 1-Series Coupe is one of those rare cars over which nearly every Autoblogger is drooling. It returns Bimmer to its roots of building relatively lightweight handlers, as well as lowers the cost of entry for an Ultimate Driving Machine to within the reach of the coupon clipping ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Miata-based BMW Z9

    Click the image above if you really want to see more. It's obvious that someone was champing at the bit to get a 1-series convertible before it makes its way to the U.S. This Miata-based BMW rip- off might not be a finished replica of the Z9 concept from a few years back, but the progress, is, ...

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    Spy Shot: BMW 1-Series spotted in San Fran

    Hoo baby, it's almost a dream-come-true... Autoblog reader Judd pointed us in the direction of this photo taken of a BMW 1-series, sans most of its badging, in San Francisco. BMW has thus far denied that it will bring the much-coveted hatch to the U.S. due to poor currency conditions on this side ...

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    Saab to build 9-1?

    The next Saab model won't be a Sonnet redux as rumored. Instead, Inside Line reports, buyers should expect a compact designed to compete among the growing class of small premium hatchbacks - BMW's 1-Series, Audi's A3, the MINI Cooper and Volvo's coming S30.   The ...


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