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BMW certainly hasn't been shy in promoting its hydrogen-powered vehicles, and that promotion extends into some classrooms. As part of its education/promotion campaign, BMW has issued a document called H2 - Mobility of the Future, and yesterday provided an updated version of the package on this website by clicking on the heading "Educational Projects."

Two weeks ago, the 2008 Hydrogen Road Tour started up in Maine. Today, the tour made its final stop in Los Angeles, following a cross-country tour that opened new hydrogen stations in Missouri and Massachusetts along the way. BMW's Hydrogen 7 was along for the ride and the Bavarians sent out a press release today announcing the completion of the 4,000-mile trip (read it after the jump). BMW sent along two dual-fuel Hydrogen 7 and two mono-fuel versions of the luxury sedan. The hydrogen-only vers

BMW must think that people who spend their days planning how to leave this earth are the right target for the Hydrogen 7 hype. Last fall, a fleet of the dual-fuel cars spent two months at NASA; this month the Atlantis Space Shuttle crew chilling in Munich (visiting the BMW Group as part of a tour of Germany) got a chance to test out the luxury vehicle. It worked, as Space Shuttle Commander Stephen Frick is now a fan. In a statement (available after the jump) he said, "It's impressive to see hydr

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Pretty soon, we're going to have to list the people who aren't driving a BMW Hydrogen 7. BMW is offering the car to celebrities, average citizens and politicians the world over. Some of us get to drive it around the block, others get to keep it for a week or two. The latest to be handed the keys is EU Parliamentary president Hans-Gert Pöttering (pictured), who stepped into the car yesterday in Strasburg. BMW says (after the jump) that this move was "In line with the European Parliament's e

When we first heard about the new mono-fuel BMW Hydrogen 7, we were rather impressed by the extremely low emissions numbers posted by the model when tested at Argonne National Laboratory. The fact that BMW was able to reduce the emissions, boast better range and make more power as compared to their previous-generation Hydrogen 7 was pretty cool. According to Dr. Thomas Wallner, lead engineer in Argonne's hydrogen vehicle testing activities, "[The Hydrogen 7's] engine actively cleans the air. Arg

So far all the Hydrogen 7s that BMW has produced and distributed have been dual fuel vehicles that are capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline. This is helpful since the H7 only has a range of about 100 miles from its tank of liquid hydrogen. BMW has now built a mono-fuel hydrogen only version of the H7 that has been optimized for running on the alternative fuel. By not having to compromise the engine to run on gasoline, BMW has been able to improve performance, reduce fuel consumptio

There are many hurdles standing in the way of hydrogen becoming widespread as an energy carrier for our vehicles, either by the direct burning of it in internal combustion engines or in fuel cells. Very few hydrogen refueling centers exist today, and the gas is difficult to capture, transport and store. One thing is certain regarding hydrogen, though: it can offer extremely low emissions, as it does in BMW's hydrogen-burning V12 engine.

Are you planning to go to Paris from April 1st to the 6th? If so, it'd be a good chance to visit the Palais de la Découverte, which is not only a stunning building as you can see in the above picture, but where the Week for Sustainable Development will be held. This event will include a set of hydrogen-related activities.

Actor Jason Bateman is finally get a decent set of wheels. After being relegated to the Bluth family's stair car, a scorched old Mercedes and his bicycle for two underwatched seasons on Arrested Development, Bateman is now getting one of BMW's Hydrogen 7s. Bateman is the latest in the list of celebrities to be loaned one of Munich's dual fuel hydrogen wonders. BMW has built about 100 of the Hydrogen 7 sedans that retain a V-12 engine but can run on either gasoline or liquid hydrogen. Since the

Let's see: Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Jay Leno, Jeremy Piven, Will Ferrell, Placido Domingo. Oh, and Terry Tamminen. These are just some of the celebrities that BMW has convinced of the goodness of the dual fuel (gasoline and hydrogen) BMW Hydrogen 7. The next movie star to take the wheel of one of these luxury vehicles is Ed Norton - who is both an advocate for solar energy and was awesome in Fight Club. The celebs are taking part in BMW's "Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program," a PR campaign that "gives i

While General Motors is providing a fleet of seventy-five alternative fuel vehicles. including fuel cell Equinoxes, and flex-fuel and hybrid Tahoes to shuttle the special people to the Oscars red carpet, others are finding their own rides. Among them is Cameron Diaz who will be getting dropped of in front of the camera line by a BMW Hydrogen 7. The H7 is a equipped with a dual fuel system that allows the V-12 engine to run on either gasoline or liquified hydrogen. Like other hydrogen-fueled inte

BMW is happy displaying its array of pollution-reducing technologies and is taking them and the Hydrogen 7 to Australia. So if you happen to be in Melbourne's Federation Square from 21 - 29 January, you will be able to see them in person. The exhibition will be placed inside a specific pavilion with information panels about BMW's achievements.

A small fleet of BMW Hydrogen 7s was introduced to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, whose official site is the Palazzo dil Quirinale, and the delegations for the World Energy Congress (WEC) which was held in Rome last week.

The latest celebrity to get a set of keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 is well-known car enthusiast Jay Leno (apparently he's on some TV show as well). Last year Leno worked with a GM design studio to build the biodiesel fueled, turbine-powered EcoJet. Leno claims to have transformed his 20,000 sq.ft garage into a "green garage" that provides its own power via 19th century steam and natural gas engines. He has been upgrading the garage with new more efficient shop equipment. Previously BMW gave one of th

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