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BMW finally launched the 1-series here in the U.S. recently after selling the smallest BMW-badged vehicle in Europe for several years. Unfortunately, since the commercial failure of the 318ti a few years back, they've come to the conclusion that Americans just don't want Bimmers with fewer than 6 cylinders. As a result, the 1-series ended coming here with the same 6 cylinder options available in the slightly larger 3-series. That means no 4 cylinder engines of either gasoline or diesel varieties

Another of the honorees in this year's International Engine of the Year competition is BMW's latest diesel engine. The dual turbo 2.0L four cylinder that debuted in the 123d this year was selected by the 65 member jury as the Best New Engine for 2008. This new engine provides exceptional power for a 2.0L diesel and excellent fuel economy. The 123d is rated at 204hp while achieving 45mpg on the EU driving cycle and emitting only 138g/km of CO2. The engine uses a pair of turbochargers of different

The US market will be getting the new BMW 1-series coupe in the near future but only with the gas-fueled six cylinder engines from the larger 3-series. We've already mentioned the diesel-powered 123d, which is powered by a twin turbo 2.0L four cylinder diesel, before and now CAR magazine is the latest to try it out. As with the others who have taken a turn behind the wheel, CAR came away very impressed. The 204 hp 123d gets 45.2 mpg (US) and even with a diesel engine it weighs in at 143 lbs less

You may find this hard to believe, but there are lots of really cool and fun-to-drive cars available that get great fuel economy. Unfortunately for American drivers most of them can't be bought here. One prime example is the new BMW 123d coupe. While Americans will be able the recently introduced 1-series coupe soon, we will only get examples powered by the gas-fueled six cylinders from the 3-series. The 123d is motivated by BMW's new 2.0L turbo-diesel four with 204 hp and 298 lb-ft of torque. T

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