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    Video: M-thusiast pops the question at BMW Welt

    We've seen all manner of marriage proposals over the years, but our favorites, of course, revolve around cars. One guy proposed to his girlfriend at a traffic stop, another during an autocross event, while yet another got dozens of Mazda MX-5 owners together to spell "Marry Me?" in Miatas. This ...

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    Official: BMW highlights factory tour experience in Munich

    Like other European automakers, BMW is keen to welcome visitors at its headquarters in Munich, and you don't even have to buy a car to see it. The Bavarian automaker's principal visitors center is BMW Welt, a dynamic attraction that has welcomed some two million visitors every year since opening ...

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    A behind-the-scenes look inside the BMW Classic warehouse

    BMW Classic in Munich – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Located just a short distance from the BMW Museum and Welt (famous as the company's European delivery center) in Munich, Germany, is BMW Classic. According to the German automaker, "BMW Classic coordinates all activities that ...

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    BMW offering chauffered tours of Munich in classic cabrios

    BMW Classic tour of Munich – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The pilsner-swilling Bavarians in charge of BMW's classics sure have been keeping busy lately. With Oktoberfest half a year away, they've launched a new vintage racing division and opened up their restoration garage to ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept snagged at Munich photo shoot

    Excited by BMW's new Vision EfficientDynamics concept car? So are we. But while the rest of us have to wait another couple of weeks to see the future-think show car at the Bavarian automaker's show stand in Frankfurt, one lucky enthusiast got an early glimpse while visiting the company's flagship ...

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    VIDEO: German man takes delivery of his 135th BMW

    Klaus Hammerschmidt picks up his new BMW M6 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    How many cars have you owned over the course of your life? Three? Five? Ten? How about 135, and all from the same company? It may seem like unfathomable customer loyalty, but that's just what one Herr ...

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    BMW Welt: If St. Peter bought a bimmer, he'd take delivery here

    Mercedes has been offering factory delivery of its cars since the fifties, and today more than 80,000 folks are handed their new Mercedes fobs right at the plant. One of the top tourist attractions in Germany is VW's Autostadt, which gets more than a million visitors per year. Now BMW has joined ...


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