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bmw v6

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    Video: Is this BMW M3 prototype powered by an inline or V6?

    It started with a four-cylinder, graduated to six and then eight cylinders, and now might be settling back down to six. The next-generation F80 BMW M3, caught testing around the homeland, has let its voice be heard, and the suspicions are that a V6, not a BMW-traditional inline six, rumbles ...

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    Report: BMW patents turbocharged V6 engine design

    Sacrilege. Blasphemy. Treason. Heresy. Just what sin is BMW accused of? Patenting a design for a turbocharged V6 engine. If you're not a BMW fanboy, you may be wondering, what's the big deal? BMW stands alone as the only major automaker to have stuck with the tried-and-true inline-six engine ...

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    Rumormill: Is BMW bound to bolt a V6 under the hood of the next M3?

    If you're an unapologetic BMW fanboy, the next few words might sting. BMW may be considering a V6 for the next generation BMW M3. No, we didn't mean to type I6 – we're talking about three on one side and three on the other. According to, BMW is likely to go in one of four ...


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