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bmw racing

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    Report: Paralympic gold medalist Zanardi trying to get BMW DTM ride

    Alex Zanardi just can't get racing out of his system. Despite losing both of his legs in a CART crash back in 2001, Zanardi has stayed competitive in auto racing (as well as Paralympics cycling), and according to, the Italian racer is now looking to join BMW in the DTM racing ...

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    BMW pulls out of World Touring Car Championship

    BMW 320si WTCC – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you were disappointed with BMW's decision to leave Formula One at the end of last year, hold on to your hats as the Bavarian automaker is further scaling back its racing programs, announcing the discontinuation of its ...

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    BMW returning to DTM in 2012

    BMW is returning to the DTM – Click above for high-res image
    BMW has announced that it will once again knock fenders in the DTM. The company has said that it will make its way back to the race series for the 2012 season after a lengthy 18-year absence. The German automaker is in the process ...

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    BMW on the 'Ring: Coming to a mobile phone near you

    With all the tools installed on mobile phones these days (to say nothing of the ones trying to use them in traffic), there's plenty of ways to keep yourself productive while waiting for an appointment, a train, a date... whatever. Unfortunately, none of them enable you to improve your lap time on ...


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